Thursday, May 26, 2011


Another Thursday rolls around... taking Griffin to his Speld lesson... might go into Pukekohe for a wander around the shops.

Then home to do some blog reading.... lunch... bla bla bla.

Been of two minds if we should get the sleep-out or.... a spa pool!  lol... while we could use the extra 'room'... I've been thinking of getting a spa pool for a couple of years! 
BUT that is only if we can get the money!  Working on that.

Anyway... this is the spa I'm looking at:

ABOVE:  ya gotta dream eh?

ONWARD...  Oh and my neighbour Stephanie and I are going to the hospital to visit Myra this evening too... I do hope she is doing well.

It's a thoroughly horrid, wet day.  Took Griffin to his lesson, spent the time reading a magazine in the car... home now and not exactly looking forward to going out this evening... but it's planned so I will go.  Hopefully Myra will enjoy seeing us.

We had a lovely visit with Myra in the hospital... she was not 'lucid' when we arrived, but certainly perked up after a while .... we fed her dinner... she only managed to eat about a teaspoon full!  So sad.  She is so very frail... it's hard watching her breathe... even that tires her.

Anyway, Stephanie and I left after about and hour and a half and went to the mall and had dinner at Nando's... which was nice.  Then we had a walk around the mall... I introduced Stephanie to City Chic, which she had never been in before.  She ended up buying some tights and a top.  She was really wrapt with the shop.

End of Day: pleasantly tired now... ready for me bed.
nite nite.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I say Spa Pool, but I feel the aleepout may be the cheaper of the too!!! lol

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I say Spa Pool, but I feel the aleepout may be the cheaper of the too!!! lol

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Our Spa is sitting under the bath house roof. Hasn't been used in probably 3 years, maybe more. We used it a lot in the beginning but not at all now. It's 13 years old and I want it out of here. I'd rather have the space for a nice picnic area for us and the little girls...I note for the camper extension..or what ever it was...debbie

  4. Everybody needs dreams! Does this mean that you are no longer looking at houses?????

    I do so hope that Myra is improving. That is such a pretty name!

  5. Always something to dream for :)

  6. Oh my gosh my spelling is shocking today!!!

  7. Check out the running costs on the spa Chris. We bought one about 6 years ago and our power bill went up by $50 a month, and the cost of the chemicals was pretty prohibitive. A sleepout would be cheaper to run!

  8. ohh glad you are still doing your cards, just love them !!

  9. Pardon my British ignorance, but what is a sleepout?

  10. You're a good neighbor! Hope your dreams come true.

  11. I'm glad you visited with Myra. I'm sure she loved the company. It's so hard to see people we care about in the hospital, isn't it?

    We love our spa, and use it a lot, especially in the summer time after we've been swimming. We really like to sit in it in the evening with the fire pit on. It almost feels like we are in a resort somewhere far away....

  12. that spa looks AWESOME!

    ive been looking to get one for a few years now. i'd LOVE to have one.


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