Thursday, May 12, 2011


ABOVE:   Shush, don't tell Emily or Rena, but there is a new girl on the blog!  She's been in our family for a grand total of 5 days, I have not even held her in my arms yet... but I love her to bits.   She is just utterly gorgeous (in her own way)....

Emily and Rena are utterly gorgeous too... and we are so, so lucky that we can see so much of them.

But I do wish I could hold and kiss our Sienna too.

*big sigh*, I am hanging out until the day I can meet her in person... and HELL... her Mum and Sister too!  LOL... I almost forgot that I have never met them either!   DERRRRRR...

Today:  taking Griffin to his Speld lesson.  While I wait for him I might just go for a walk in the country side, it will depend on the weather.  If it's pissing down I'll just read a book.

NEWS:  our daughter Lacy met a guy last wednesday and is now 'engaged' to him!  She moves fast that girl.

I was lying in bed this morning, thinking I really should get up shortly when I heard an almighty CRASH in our ensuite, where Stew was getting ready for work.  I leapt out of bed with a shriek....hoping like hell Stew was alright...

ABOVE:  Stew had knocked one of the glass shelves on the wall and it had crashed down onto the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces!  THAT was not supposed to happen!  It made an amazing noise I tell ya!  Luckily it didn't do any damage to the floor or me scales... or Stew for that matter.

Now I have to clean it all up...

nite nite.


  1. OMG Im glad Em cant read....
    We shall see who rates the highest in the cuteness scale one Sienna grows into her face... Bet Grandad has Em's back :P HA and Uncle Steve!
    OMG really??? Will wait to see how long this poor dumb sucker lasts!
    Such a shame... ahaha wonder how big "the rock" is this time.
    Sky left for HK this morning.

  2. Wow thank god dads alright!

  3. Sienna is just absolutely gorgeous!! I was struck by how much Russell looks like you and baby Sienna really takes after you as well... don't you think?

    If you end up visiting them in Perth, you are more than welcome to have a free stop-over with us in Sydney!!

  4. Shouldn't Stew clean it all up? Haha. Glad you got the priorities right - floor, scales then Stew! Bahahah!

    Glad he was okay - looks like that solid glass stuff that shatters rather than shards, if that makes sense...

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous baby.

    Maybe you can ask for money instead of birthday pressies this year and take yourself off to meet your daughter in law & grandkids instead.

    I am glad Stew wasn't injured by flying glass shelves, must have given you both a fright.

  6. Penny, NZ6:48 PM

    Hi Chris,

    I was in a cafe once and the glass front door suddenly exploded and shattered about a metre away from me. It gave the cafe owner and I a huge fright, and luckily no one got hurt.

    And yes, can relate to the itchy nose! I also get really itchy feet just after a hot shower - drives me crazy! Hope your itch is under control!

    Hope you have a good evening, Penny

  7. I'm trying to find words to describe how gorgeous that wee angel is, but there are no words powerful enough. She's pretty darn cute!
    Itchy palms mean you're going to get some money, I think an itchy nose means you're going to smell something. Hope it's something that smells good!

  8. Eeks! That crashing glass shelf had me worried for a minute. So happy to hear that everyone (and everything) is okay - well, besides the shelf.

  9. I couldn't log into blogger and that sucked, Sienna is a wee poppet and cute as, good idea about the cash pressies. with all your children split the cost 9 ways!!!! CHEAP then haha

  10. Wow, she's getting married? Whew! But hey, Charles and I planned our wedding in 5 days and we've been married 12 years. But we were friends, not even dating for a year. You never know! :D I wish them the best of luck. Love happens.

  11. You're family sure makes some pretty babies!!

    Pretty scary with the shelf! Lucky no one got hurt!

  12. She's so cute that I wished we could have more babies. Then I snapped out of it.


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