Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last night Stew and I were just sitting down to watch American Idol... when we heard a noise outside... then SMASHING GLASS!  It sounded really close so we jumped up and looked outside.

It was Ambulance Officers breaking into our neighbours house!  Well of course we hot footed it over there to see if we could help in any way.

Our dear wee neighbour had taken a fall on the kitchen floor... and couldn't move.  The ambulance officers got her onto the stretcher and I went with her to hospital as her daughter (who lives with her) was out at the movies.

Myra is 84 ... and has had dreadful health in the past 18 months... starting with a stroke, then problems with her bowel... and now... A broken hip and elbow.  The poor thing.  I stayed with her for four hours until her daughter arrived...

So, I get to watch American Idol this morning! 
Then... not sure.
Can't visit Myra till at least next week as she isn't having surgery till Monday or Tuesday.
So, maybe after watching me show we will go out and about.... I feel the need to walk on a beach!

ABOVE:  well I think we are going here.  Omaha Beach.. which is just the most gorgeous beach for walking on.


Well we have had a really lovely day!  I will show you our lunch:

ABOVE:  we went to our favourite pub in Matakana and ordered their 'Matakana Mega Works Burgers'... OMG they are amazing!!!

ABOVE:  said burger!  Chicken pattie, beef pattie, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomatoe, beetroot, pineapple and onion!  With sauce and mayo.   You could not fit it in your mouth... I had to eat bits out of it before I could wrap me mouth around it!  

 ABOVE:  Stew on the other hand has a big gob and managed it!  lol  The kids had chips and chicken nuggets.  Griffin was being a twit.

ABOVE: we had a tiki tour around the houses in Omaha before hitting the beach... this was a mural on a house wall!  Gorgeous... stunning even.

ABOVE: I found this really neat shell... with 'thingees' on it.  Totally cool.

I took a few more really lovely photos of the beach itself, which I will share with you tomorrow. 

On our way home we stopped in for a visit with family friends in Brown's Bay (Auckland) and now I'm waiting for Stewy to cook dinner again!  Not expecting or need much after our huge lunch!

PENNY:  re your comment yesterday... YOU ARE ON!  I would love to meet you.

End of Day:  tired tonight.  Just watching some programmes on the telly that we missed last night.
DIET: don't ask!
nite nite.


  1. Lucky lady to have you as a neighbour . Lets hope she gets well soon --cottonreel

  2. I agree with solomi588....Myra is very lucky to have you as a neighbor. It's good that she was able to at least call for the ambulance. How awful that must have been for her.

  3. Your poor neighbour sure has a time of it and she is lucky to have you, And a nice day for a beach walk I have done 2 dinners one breakfast and A MILLION dishes!!! a fun weekend.

  4. O Chris, I LONG to walk on the beach with you!That Has to be some of the best "medicine for the soul"!

    I am so sorry about Myra -that really breaks my heart.

  5. I'm glad she was able to call for help! Our neighbour was down for about four hours until her daughter happened to visit... and she was a frail thing and we couldn't have heard her screams. :P scary.

  6. Ahhh I'm so jealous! I can't wait to go back up North. Hope you had a good day Chris xx

  7. You have a big heart and are a good neighbor. I hope she feels better soon!

    I would love to walk with you on that beach!

  8. I hope Myra makes a speedy recovery. She's very lucky to have you as a neighbour and I'm sure she appreciated your support last night.

  9. Hand Deliver Chris, this is your new baby Grand daughter and a chance to see your son and d.i.l. oh, and come and visit me in Melbourne.


  10. That just looks like an amazing day! SOmetimes I miss living near the ocean!

  11. GL to Stew on Monday getting those guys to do something on the garage. That is a lovely beach outing and times like that? Who cares about the diet! I wish I coulda come too. :)

  12. Wow that is ONE BIG BURGER!! I bet it's delicious!!

    That shell is so neat, I thought itw as going to be something you had bought.

  13. that shell with "thingys" on it is lovely! I hope you are going to wash it, varnish and keep it! I am sure you'll find a wonderful use for it!

    Thanks for the photos too. Beautiful weather you have been having. Not so here! xxx

  14. Anonymous1:05 AM

    HA HA!! That is the BIGGEST hamburger I've ever SEEN!! Sounds yummy though!! Was sorry to hear of your was hurt. Very sweet of you to go with her and stay for 4 hours. You have beautiful beaches!!...debbie


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