Saturday, May 07, 2011


It's not that often I am in a foul mood... I can get a bit crabby sometimes.  But not MEGA PISSED OFF.

I'm MEGA PISSED OFF and in a foul mood for sure.

And I can't even tell you why.  It's still an uncertain 'thing' I'm pissed off about (hence the pissed off mood).
We expected some news on friday... were told it would be on friday... but it didn't happen.  So now we have to wait until monday.  All weekend feeling PISSED OFF is not fun.

Maybe I better go before I make everyone pissed off.

I will come back later when I'm over it.  ***FUMING***

Being in a foul mood DOES have some benefits!  When I got out of bed I fired off jobs at people and they all jumped to it!  AND the dogs shot through and hid in the laundry... lol!

OK... while I'm still pissed off... I'm starting to feel better.  At least the uncertaintly of the past few months is probably gone.... so I can move forward.  I can probably tell you what 'it' was after Monday.
So hang in there.

I'm off to get more  jobs done by certain people in this house!   dum dee doooooo.......

We went to the Mall... and had a lovely lunch... and a wander around... there were groups of young women walking around giving out free tampons, which I thought was a bit 'off', until I realised Brylee would need them eventually, so got some.  (in my family we call them 'sparkplugs' ... if my sister or I needed money to buy some we would just ask our Dad for money for sparkplugs, it was a family joke)

ABOVE:  the freebie....  every time we walked past more of the girls giving them out we got some:

ABOVE:  ummm, we kinda got lots!  lol

Now I have to do the 'Birds and Bees' talk with Brylee and Griffin.... cos they kept asking what they were for.   WONDERFUL.  (actually upon reflection, I ain't gunna tell them about 'all that' right now, they are far too young to understand!)

I'm feeling a bit more cheerful now... what will be will be, there is nothing I can do about the situation .... 

I got a Text from Russell in Perth this morning, still no baby....

End of Day:  still no sign of a baby in Perth.  Must text them and see what's happening!
DIET: not bad.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Disapointments do tend to piss you off. I know the feeling quite well....debbie

  2. I've gotten like that a few times Chris. No explanation for it, just pissed off mega time. Hope your weekend perks you up. I love your pic Chris...You are so pretty!

  3. When we were kids idf we were pissed off and moody Mum would sing "nobody loves me everybody hates me I'm going down the garden to eat me up some worms, long thin slimy ones short fat fuzzy ones ooey gooey ooey gooey worms. Long thin slimy ones slip down easily short fat fuzzy ones don't! Short fat fuzzy ones stick to ya teeth and the juice goes SLURP down ya throat!" now this either resulted in more TEARS or laughter as she cuddle you and sang it in a silly voice!!! cheer up soon.

  4. Bugger I hate waiting...... feel for you. At least tomorrow you can have many hugs with your lovely granddaughter.... enjoy :-)

  5. Ooh, so sorry to hear that something has made you so upset...I hope it's resolved soon. Don't want you to have a bad weekend!



  6. Glad I'm in OZ :O) Take care and try and think happy thoughts.

  7. I'm like you when I get pissed becomes, "leave me alone" time until I get it sorted in my head!!! I'm told patience is a virtue........well if that's the case you and I aren't virtuous!! lol
    Enjoy time with Emily. She sure is a cutie. My turn next weekend with Jaynie :)
    Hugs & sorry I don't comment much but I do keep up with reading your blog. As for mine.......well I really should get back to it eh!! :)

  8. Penny, NZ10:24 AM

    Good luck Chris! I remember Blondie's Mum's song about eating worms - we heard that too! I hope your weekened distracts you from the news, and also, Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow! They better look after you! And for all your blog readers/commenters that are mothers, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    From a woman who is very grateful for her special Mum.

  9. Yowser, I can feel your stress coming through the computer screen! Try to take it easy and I *really* hope you can manage to enjoy Mother's Day tomorrow! xxx

  10. I hope whatever it is that is bugging you gets sorted soon. Try to enjoy the rest of the weekend, especially now the house is all tidy.

  11. I'm glad you at least used your snit to get people to get some jobs done. I hope you are feeling a wee bit better by now.

  12. O, I LOVE Blondie's tip! Just sing that thru your day and it has to help. Maybe that is a new "course" that you can take to remember to use it on your "babies" when they need comfort and reassurance. : )

    If it is something that is out of your control try to put it out of your pretty head until Monday -at least enjoy your beautiful weekend.

  13. hugs and tampons to you :)

  14. LOL here the plumbers call them white rats because sometimes they get flushed and plug up the pipes. :)

    Hope your day tomorrow is MUCH BETTER.

  15. Anonymous3:00 PM

    they were giving them out at St Lukes but my daughter wouldn't get any - lots of her friends have needed them 10 year olds - not fair!


  16. leigh5:53 PM

    You will need to have a talk to Brylee soon as 10yrs is kind of average for periods starting now. Even if she doesn't for a yr or 2, lots of her friends will be, and better she gets the correct info from you and not them. You said she was getting boobs in a recent post so it maybe sooner than you think. Wouldn't want her to think she was bleeding to death!

  17. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Hey don't wait till you're pissed off about something to delegate the chores! Do it every day! Hope you have a great mums day tomorrow! (Have you had a peek on the scales at all to see how much weight you've lost? Could be good motivation to keep you going! WOMBAT

  18. a grumpy mood??? Never!!!!!! I hope you get some news on the new addition soon:)

  19. How can you not be in a great mood after you get a whole shitload of free tampons? That cheers me up every time! And look! You can go 'like' them on Facebook, become a follower even!
    What's not to like!??!

  20. Wow! That is a lot of free tampons! At least you will be saving money for a while eventually.

    I think it is important to talk to both Brylee and Griffin - I recently heard about a situation where a grown man didn't understand about periods. Not good.

  21. Love the sparkplugs!

    Being pissed off gets the house clean real well lol


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