Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Brylee is staying home from school again today... and Steve will look after her while I go do me stint at the Hospice Shop.

The horrid weather has calmed down today... thankfully.

Yet again (it happens sometimes) I don't have anything else to yabber on about right now.... no blog fodder comes to mind!


So hang in there... I will be back later with some more of 'nothing'!


I weighed Brylee... she's lost the two kilos she gained in the last three years... she's back to 26 kilos.  I hope she does put it back on quickly, but knowing her she won't. 

It is a gorgeous day today, sun is shining and it's WARM again.  I am so sick of being warm... I want to feel cold for a change.  What happened to 4 Seasons?  We only seem to have two now... hot and cold(summer and winter).
I used to dream about moving to Australia, where it was warm all the time (well almost)... but now I would hate it!

Hot flushes have ruined summer for me. 

Home from was a busy day at the shop too... which I love.
My 'boss' found a funny shirt in one of the donation bags... I took a photo... and will show you once Steve has downloaded the programme for me to get it off me phone.

Brylee is looking much better... and is eating a bit now too, which is great.

ABOVE:  said shirt!  She put it on primarily to shock the lady who was coming in to work this afernoon in the shop!  It worked...  lol  She took it off after that.   I mean, there is no way you could wear THAT in the shop!

End of Day:  spent the evening reading blogs, it was nice to have a catch up.
DIET: ooops
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Sorry Brylee is still home, hope she feels better tomorrow! ...debbie

  2. i hope brylee gets to feeling better and i wish we coudl have just two seasons... spring and fall LOL... ok a short summer and shorter winter tossed in...
    have a great day!
    love n hugs

  3. Hi Chris.... so sorry to hear that Brylee is still not feeling well. Hope that she's much better soon! And I agree... we hardly have four seasons anymore either. Our winter seemed to have lasted forever and right now, when it's supposed to be getting warmer, it's still freaking cold and WET! I'm definitely ready for WARM!



  4. Get well soon Brylee!
    Some nice fattening puddings and ice cream ought to go down smoothly .....

  5. Poor Brylee, she must be feeling miserable, I hope she gets better soon. Have you tried giving her Lucozade, it will replace some of the elctrolytes & hopefully help stem the weightloss.

  6. Come to Adelaide - it's up to about 14 in Winter, down to about 6 average, and in Summer it's a very dry heat (no humidity at all) of about 34 with the odd periods of up to 42! God bless airconditioning! Yay!

    Hope Brylee gets better soon. Might have to feed her heaps of jelly and full cream icecream!

  7. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I love being cold - winter is my fave season, unfortunately in Perth it's never scarf, boot or beanie weather :-( oh how i miss Canberra sometimes!

    San x (sorry for the anon - couldn't be arsed logging in)

  8. I forgot to say yesterday I liked the doilies runner green it was bright and eyecatching.

  9. Hope Brylee feels better soon!

    Your sentence "I don't have anything else to yabber on about right now....So hang in there... I will be back later with some more of 'nothing'!" Made me laugh out loud!

    That shirt is just wrong!

  10. Hope the little one gets well soon.
    yikes ,thats some t,shirt--cottonreel

  11. That's one wicked t-shirt!


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