Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today I am going to walk to work.  It's about a 45 ? minute walk.  I'm not sure really how long it will take me to get there...but I'm giving myself an hour.

Hopefully it doesn't rain, cos that will bugger up me plans!  It can rain when it's time to come home, that doesn't worry me.

It will do me good, and blow some of the cobwebs out of me head.  I've been in such a funk these past few days.  I am sick of being grumpy.

So, until I get back... have fun doing what you are doing...


ABOVE: it's raining.  Did I walk?  or not?

So...I walked.  When I left it was just drizzling a little bit.  After walking for 30 minutes the weather really turned to crap ... my umbrella kept getting turned inside out so I rang Steve and he drove down and picked me up and took me the rest of the way.  I was a bit wet and darn HOT... but proud of myself for at least trying to walk.

It was a quiet day in the shop, which is a real pain as it can make the morning seem twice as long.  But as I get on really well with the others there it was OK, we had some laughs.

I got some 'treasure' too:

ABOVE:  booties for Sienna...

 ABOVE:  I got a new door knocker!  I know, I don't need another one, but for $3 I couldn't leave it there!

ABOVE:  I also got 4 dresses for Brylee for next summer.  The photo's don't do them justice, they are really lovely.

As it has turned into the most foul day I am going to relax this afternoon and just chill.  I might even do some sewing!

End of Day: did nothing !  Made dinner.  Watched telly.  Listened to the wild weather outside.... love stormy weather.
DIET: hoping things will improve in that way soon.
nite nite.


  1. And should you buy any treasures? then you will workout harder walking home thats a good idea..... took a photo but can't seem to download picture, hmmmmmmmm still a work in progress.

  2. Good for you Chris. Moving your body is the best way to beat the funk!

  3. If you walked in that rain then you are either really determined or a bit bonkers. It was bad enough driving across town with 4 theatresports teenagers.

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I think you walked! (Krissy- Singapore)

  5. Congratulations on your walk. I know how hard it is and things ALWAYS get in the way -even if it is your own "want-to" at times. When DH and I could go to the park we really got more accomplished . But, thanks to the price of gas we are trying to walk at home-but it seems more like failing a lot of the time.

    I LOVE those beautiful booties! They are so sweet! When I had my first baby my Mom found a lady she worked with to make me two pair of baby booties and I adored them - so nice and soft -but I was unable to get any more.

    So, when one of the grands came along I tried to crochet a pair-but they were not as nice and the baby did not like them . ;)

  6. Penny, NZ2:45 PM

    Good on you for trying Chris, the weather is crazy today! I walked two blocks to the shop and got soaked. Have a good afternoon!

  7. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Try the pool @ least it is like having a bath at this time of the year.

  8. Glad you tried to walk. It always seems to make me feel better. We walked before dinner tonight, and thankfully had a cool breeze.

    What a cool door knocker! I don't think I've ever seen one quite like that. Cute dresses too!

  9. good for you!!!! i know what you mean, i got the stink off me this morning with some Michael Jackson tunes!

  10. I had a feeling you did walk! Inside-out umbrellas are a pain in the a$$.
    Congratulations on the new little one! Hope you get to see Sienna soon.

  11. Ow Ow Ow... I want the door knocker! Ive been wanting one for ages! Where do you get them from ??

  12. its all good and love those booties :)

  13. The secret to walking in the rain is a good raincoat. Buy a excellent quality raincoat that you absolutely love, even if you think it costs too much.
    Then you'll want it to rain!

  14. Anonymous4:05 AM

    I give you a lot of credit for trying to walk to work! It was rather humerous however about your umbrella and having to call, bless your heart! I like the door knocker and the 4 dresses, my grand daughter would like those! ...debbie

  15. I didn't know you went to work everyday! Wow, I must've missed something. Chris, we sooo love to walk but because we live in a spotty neighborhood we can't. New homes mixed in old homes so sometimes it's not that safe because of the people. We used to walk everywhere and really love it.

  16. I love the doorknocker. $3! Wow. The trouble with walking to work is having to walk home again at the end of the day when you're knackered.

  17. Crazy girl walking in the rain! I would have called the hubby too!


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