Tuesday, May 31, 2011


ABOVE:  This is Coco's boyfriend... he's coming over next weekend to 'be with' Coco... 
Teddy has been trying very hard to 'do the deed' with Coco... but the poor bugger has no balls!  lol.
Seems boys dogs still get the 'urge' even when they are de-sexed. 

I'm catching the train to Middlemore Hospital today to visit Myra... my neighbour.  Her daughter rang me last night to let me know she has turned the corner and is on the mend.  I couldn't be happier for them. 

So, I'm outta here for now...

I caught the train to Middlemore Hospital... and spent a long and difficult hour and a half with Myra.  She was in a chair when I arrived and was in a lot of pain.  2 nurses came and tried to get her to stand up and get back into bed... well that didn't work!  She just got so distressed... it was awful to see her in so much pain. 

After the nurses trying for about half an hour they finally got 3 more nurses to help and lifted her out of the chair and put her into bed. 

ABOVE:  the frailty of old age... she is COVERED in bruising... and is so sore.
The sum extent of our conversation was her telling me she was in EXCRUCIATING PAIN, she couldn't hear me cos she didn't have her hearing aides in and someone had taken her watch.  I don't know if I can bear the thought of going up to visit her again... it was very hard to feel like my being there was making any difference to her.

JAXX: good point.. out of respect to her I have removed her photo... just in case.  I will ask her and her daughter if it's OK before doing that again.  Though what is 'appropriate' to put on my blog is up to me I think...and as everyone knows I blog about anything and EVERYTHING... so well... there ya go. (said ever so nicely of course)

Dinner tonight I tried a new thing.... Beef Wellington.  Seared steak (scotch fillet) wrapped in pastry that has been lined with caramelised onions and herbs... then baked in the oven for 20 minutes.  OMG it was exceptional!  Everyone loved them. 

ONLY.... it wasn't until we were eating them that we realised it was BLOODY PORK!  lol
It still tasted exceptional.    Salad on the side was almost not necessary...

END OF DAY:  a nice day all up.... looking forward to tomorrow when I can get out and see the girls at the Hospice Shop.  (I say 'girls' fairly loosely as I'm the youngest one there... lol)
nite nite.


  1. Coco's boyfriend is gorgeous....they will for sure have some beautiful puppies! Poor Teddy....had to suffer the indignation of letting another dog into the house and he can't even father her pups....LOL!!!

    Glad to hear that Myra is on the mend!



  2. so glad to hear she is on the mend broken bones are so hard on older people...
    poor poor teddy... apparently no one has told him he has no balls LMAO!@

  3. You crack me up with your little pets! Best of luck to Coco!

    Glad to hear your friend is getting better.

    Have a great week!


  4. Yea for Coco....and for Myra. It looks like they both have some good times ahead.

  5. He does look gorgeous and the puppies will be absolutely beautiful.

  6. I am glad Myra is on the mend, I am sure she will be delighted to have you visit too.

  7. OOOO, Coco's boyfriend is so cute.
    How wonderful that Myra is showing improvement! I know it has to mean a lot to her!

  8. Chris, you being there would make her day I am sure, she would be pleased for the companionship and company I am sure.. Hard to watch people we care for get older.

  9. I'm sure your visit makes a difference.

  10. Penny, NZ5:08 PM

    I'm sure it will bring comfort to her later to remember you were there even if it didn't feel like it at the time. I understand though - it is hard to know whether you are being much help. I remember passing the hospital and on a whim went in to see my aunt, who I was close with. Her daughter was there too but she was in a bad way, and couldn't talk much but I sat next to the bed for over an hour. She died two days later (with us around her) and I am so glad I went in that day.

    Hope Myra feels at least somewhat better soon.

  11. Hmmmm not sure if I find the photos of your neighbor appropriate on your blog hope she is ok with that and her daughter is ok with it too , just thinking if it was my mum i would not like her to ne on a blog looking so frail. Glad to hear she is doing better though and I am sure she appreciated your visit.

  12. Being there would have been helping her just knowing there was a friendly face & voice.

  13. Penny, NZ7:24 PM

    I see the point about the first photo but at the same time think it is your blog and you are pretty good about other people's privacy generally (thinking of a question you got once about Brylie's development). Your response was good in terms of erring on the side of caution though. It's a hard one - I have a niece who is just 4 and is getting better but kept taking her clothes off as a toddler - she was just very often naked. A friend of my sister's posted a birthday party photo with her on Facebook. Entirely innocent, but understandably my sister was a little uncomfortable with it, because you don't know who can see your friend's photos and what they might see in it. Then again another sister (have 3) said what was she doing running round naked while visiting in the first place?

  14. I agree with you Chris. You are the best judge of what's appropriate for your blog because you own the blog. Whatever problems... you are the one who has to deal with them. Just for your info, me hubs being in newspaper biz, told me once that in Singapore there's no privacy law. Meaning you can take a photo of anyone and publish it anywhere and you needn't ask the person for permission. Scary, right? However, you would need the permission of the person who took the photos. But that's Singapore.

  15. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Dinner sounds delicious, did you get any photos! I need pictures so I can make. I am a visual person. Lol

  16. The beef wellington sounds delicious, but my only question is, didn't you cook the meat? (trying to figure out how you didn't know it was pork) lol

  17. Great news that your neighbor is on the mend. Nice of you to pass by. I totally understand your sentiments about the visit.

  18. OHHHH MY FRIEND!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I love that you never give up on people....your children, your friends and me...you are so good to stick with me...I think slowly but surely I might get my crap back together hahahahaha I love you! Those tiny frail hands remind me of my Mom's right now...they are also so bruised and getting old SUCKS! Not sure I want to go there.....Your dinner sounded FABULOUS!!! You are still MOST AMAZING TO ME......thank you for the sweet comment you left on the other blog about my buns hahahaha ♥ ya girl!

  19. Hopefully Coco's boyfriend does the Deed. They will have cute Babies. Martine

  20. Poor old Myra :( I hope she gets some relief from her pain. Are they giving her nay pain medication? Maybe it needs to be upped a bit?

    I post pictures of people all the time. Hopefully no one ever gets pissed about it lol.

  21. I know it's hard to see your friend like this Chris, but go back. Even if all she does is complain, she is still interacting with someone other than her care givers. It's hard on me every time I take Kona to visit patients in the hospital, especially the hospice unit, but they are always very appreciative, just to have a little distraction for a few minutes. You are a wonderful person for doing it Chris. xoxo

  22. My boy and girl dog are going at it like crazy but they both are fixed. They just never stop and it's getting old. lol.

    By the way, I looked up New Zealand on Google Earth. So pretty!

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