Sunday, May 15, 2011


We have to go grocery shopping today.
I hate grocery shopping.
I live and dream of being rich enough to have some other bugger do it for me.

Until then...

Stew and I will have to.   Sometime today.

It's a slow day already.
I want to sew sometime today.
I haven't done any in what seems like ages!

Perhaps I will work on a gift for Sienna?

ABOVE:  for those who have not already seen this... it's worth a giggle.


Well we did it... got the groceries, picked up some lunch on the way home and now they are putting it all away and I'm just watching them!  hee heee.

It's a foul day, wet and windy.  A good day to just chill out inside and be lazy.  I might even go and do some sewing shortly...

ABOVE:  we had a stunning visitor again this afternoon... a native wood pidgeon (Kereru).... eating our berries.  It's hard to show how big he is... I liken his size to a turkey.

ABOVE:  I got this awesome photo of a berry going down his gullet!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  when he first arrived Stew called Steve over to look at him... and Steve being the shit he is made a loud noise and frightened him away.   Luckily he came back about an hour later.... and I got these shots of him.

MAGPIE: of course I don't mind!

End of Day: we are all feeling a bit blah.  Too much food, not enough exercise.  We have all been lazy today.
DIET: blergh
nite nite.


  1. Oh my--someone who hates it as much as I? Impossible!
    Mostly, (my husband's retired now) I give him the short list, but then, I have to go and do the "long, arduous, minutia-type shopping" that I so hate. Then, he just has to bring it in, cause I'm completely knocked out by then...but you know how has to put it all away. Ugh.
    Still, I should be, and I am so thankful to have money enough to eat!

    ps..thanks for saying all I wanted to on Peach's blog!

  2. Haha love it!!! the picture I don't mind grocery shopping but ours is close and compact ad we just run in and out I would love to just go once a fortnight!!

  3. Chris can you shop online for your staples and then do the fresh stuff yourself?

  4. That did give me a giggle.

  5. O Yes, I agree with you one hundred percent! Not enough money to go around does not help. The one part that is not as stressful is stopping at the Fruit Stand and as I try to figure out what is cheapest and can go the furtherest - my eyes wander to the shelves outdoors stuffed with flowers and bedding plants. Can't afford any of them -BUT- at least they do not charge for wishing. :)

  6. It is a foul day here too!! I have to go out and get some wood, but I am putting it off because it is cold out there!!! I love the cartoon. I put it on my facebook too....I love that even the dresses are the same colour. I hated that bloody looks like a metal detector! lol lol

  7. That was our weather yesterday. And I am proud to say for once, I did nothing!

    Should make up for it today though. Don't really have the inclination...

  8. I actually like grocery shopping. Have you thought about shopping online instead?

    Weather is all over the place isn't it.

  9. That is one of the most magnificent photos of birdlife I have ever seen Chris. My husband is an artist and has done several beautiful bird paintings, I might ask him to paint one from this. Would you mind???

  10. Why do you hate grocery shopping? I think it's fun.
    We have almost identical birds here, but they're doves not pigeons, and not as big.
    I've often considered starting a business that would go shopping for people, but I wonder about the billing....

  11. I think I must be really pampered because I have a mini-mart just 2 mins away and a supermarket 5 mins away. We go once a week to do the heavy stuff like milk, juice, rice. Otherwise, I buy whenever cos it's so close.

  12. Ha ha... I had not seen those photos of the "Disney" royals...too funny! And I'm like you...I HATE to grocery shop. Luckily Jeff does it because he LIKES to!

    Beautiful photos of a gorgeous bird, Chris. He is quite stunning!



  13. I hate spending the money on the food. And what to buy? So tired of cooking the same stuff but then it takes time to make a menu of new recipes :)

  14. You have kereru? You lucky thing. They are wonderful birds to watch. I get lots of tui around here (I planted several kowhais especially fro them) but haven't seen a wood pigeon for years and years, since I shifted here from Wellington. Too far inland, maybe.


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