Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm trying not to get angry .... hopefully TODAY the people from Whitianga will turn up with the furniture and stuff taken from my Mother's house.

So, we will most likely stay home and wait and see if they turn up.
That in itself is going to make me cross... maybe I will get Stew to ring them and see what the hell is going on?

Yeah, I'll do that when he gets out of bed...

Until then... I'll do some housework ...


Pissed off.  The people who were SUPPOSED to be dropping off our stuff from Whitianga (that they took by 'ACCIDENT) are not coming this weekend.  Apparently it's too wet for them.  I only know this cos I rang their daughter to find out what was up as they were not answering their phone and ignoring my text's.  So... I'm now really crabby with them.

To top off me bad mood, we went grocery shopping.  I'm all hot and bothered now and I have to make lunch.  Pfffffft.

LYNISE: Exactly!
And these people are supposed to be friends of make it worse they are ALSO our Grandson Joshua's other Grandparents!  Grrrrr.

END OF DAY:  Spent the evening playing a new game on the computer... it came over the net via SKYPE.. I'm finding it rather addictive!
nite nite.


  1. God waiting for people is the most frustrating thing ever. PLAY cards makecards SEW perhaps Garden anuthing to occupy tome and mind .....

  2. I apologize, I don't want to make you feel more "cross"...and I do sympathize with you... but, I have to tell you that I laughed out loud at the funny picture of two cats... =D


  3. Would the words "police" and "legal action" make these dickheads move any faster?

  4. Some people are just rude. Are they friends? if not, you could always threaten to take it further if they don't bring it by next weekend.

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  5. Sounds like some fine upstanding folks you are dealing with!

  6. wet, I was over in Coromandel Fri/Sat and not a drop of rain in sight. (didn't go to Whitianga, but wondering what 'wet' they are talking to as everywhere we went on the Penninsula was glorious).

  7. I can sure empathize with you. Several years back I was working in a Styrofoam factory and one of the gals said her sister was back in town and driving her nuts with her 3 children and she was looking for somewhere to stay.

    My Mom had passed away and I had locked up the house until I could bear to do something with her things. So, I told her that her sister could move in and use Mama's furniture for a couple of months and we would see if she wanted to stay.

    My cousin would come by there on his way to work and one day he asked me where the family had gone to? I said I did not know they were gone , so that afternoon we road over there and she had moved out - lock , stock and barrel - taking the whole HOUSEFULL of furniture with her!I was devasted so I went and talked to the police. They did find her in the college town about 10 miles over .We went over there with the police and walked through and I was suppose to mark what was Mama's - WHICH was everything in the house!

    Would you believe that the powers that be would only let me have Half of Mama's furniture and when it went to court - the Judge said that she would have to pay me "YARDSALE" value on what they allowed her to keep!

    We were really struggling financially and I thought I would put that little pittance on a hospital -she made ONE payment of twenty-five dollars and quit ! I went back to the police and told them and they said that they would not do anything because she had too many kids and it would be a burden it they had to put the Mom in jail and the kids in foster care. That was IT!

    SO , good luck- I hope you fare better!

  8. Concerned... sounds expensive and police-y sort of stuff if it's not returned very soon by accident. HEYYYY how goes it with the garage??? Did I miss them fixing it up amazingly, with pics? Wha?

  9. One thing I hate the most is just sitting around wasting a day waiting for someone else! How frustrating! On another note - I am doing a Pam Furniss quilting workshop this weekend! Didn't know who else would get excited about that apart from you!!

  10. Why do you grocery shop at the weekend? I don't go near a shop when its that busy, let alone a grocery shop!! I go on Monday and it is so relaxing and quiet.

  11. These people are not friends, they are also very rude. I suggest you tell them that if they do not deliver the "accidentally" taken items within the next 7 days you will report the items stolen to the Police. Alternatively turn up on their doorstep with a trailer to collect the items (then present them with an invoice for trailer hire, petrol & labour).

  12. Anonymous1:04 AM

    I'm sorry you didn't get your futniture back. Some friends they are. I'm sure they're not happy to be bringing back your furniture. Freebies are so nice....stupid people. Hope they come and you don't have to get the law after them...debbie

  13. What is wrong with those people? If I "accidentally" took someone's furniture, I would return it right away.


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