Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Taking Miss Brylee to the doctor today.  Ear ache/sore throat... most likely viral and there is nothing he can give her.... but it's still worth going just to be sure.
She has eaten very very little for two days now... will weigh her to see what the damage is.

When she gets sick she drops kilos like I wish I could!  But as she's only 26 kilos it is not good for her.

Apart from that... not got any plans for the day except do some more work on my Dresden Plate Quilt...


It's later!  And Brylee goes to the Dr's this afternoon...
AND I went shopping this morning.  Bought some tights for winter and 4 new tops too.... so I'm set for winter now.
Was necessary ... I had bugger all that fitted ... *sniff*... shopping for clothes is the best way to realise you need to lose weight! 

Brylee has tonsilitis, infected eardrum AND infected ear canal... so antibiotics, painkillers and ear drops dispensed.  Glad I took her!

While we were out a TORNADO hit Albany Mall on the North Shore of Auckland, killing 1 person and injuring about 30!!!  This is a VERY rare event here in New Zealand... and only a 'baby' tornado by American standards.  BUT still ... scary. 

The MetService has issued a warning for Auckland and Northland as there is possible tornado/thunderstorms still to come.  

End of Day:  Had a nice evening just chilling out in front of the tv.
DIET: good
nite nite.


  1. O Chris,
    I HATE to hear that she is still so sick.! (Hope you do not catch it either? ) Seems like that can be one of the disadvantages of being the MOM! :)

    I hope the doctor can offer up some kind of magic for her.

    I am excited about your Dresden Plate! But, then I think Anything you do is great. Maybe you could "rent" your brain out and I could copy it to the hard drive? Then I would have all those neat ideas to! :)

  2. I hope she's OK! She can probably gain the kilos as fast as she looses them!

  3. I hope Brylee got something from the doctor to help her feel better. Cooking for someone who needs to gain weight when you are trying to lose must be hard...it would be for me.

  4. I hope Brylee is feeling better.

    I know what you mean about the clothing situation, I seem to live in the same few items that fit despite having drawers & wardrobes full.

  5. hope bry is ok, wish i could drop kilos like her.. but i am the one who finds them way too easily!

  6. Poor Brylee! What a horrible combination poor thing! And we just saw the news about the tornado! What a year it has been for New Zealand! It's always tragic when someone dies in these things. Let's hope it's the last of the bad news for there!

  7. When you said poor Brylee had a sore throat that became an ear ache I wondered about tonsilitis. Us kids were chronic sufferers until we got them out when we were still quite young. They don't do it much now, they like to make you suffer instead.

    I hope she feels better tomorrow, the poor lass. Nothing worse.

    Terrible about that mini tornado. Very scary for the people there, and how tragic for those poor souls who didn't make it home. Terrible.

  8. Nothing like being SICK full blown eh Brylee chin up I hope you are feeling better soon, I was shocked coming in from rugby practice at 7pm seeing Campbell live and witnessing the carnage NOT CUTIE!!!!

  9. Glad you are all ok - and on the soon mend!

  10. OMG....Stay Safe
    Mother Nature is sure angry lately :O(

  11. Weird weather conditions! We've had thunder here tonight but it's stopped now.

    Lucky you got Brylee to the docs - hoping that she gets better soon.

  12. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Poor Brylee, what a combination to get! When I heard tornado in Auckland, I thought the news meant Alabama with all the tornados they've had!Tornados are sneaky, at least you get plenty of warning with a cyclone.Mother nature has gone mad this year! WOMBAT

  13. Gosh, what is going on with the weather??? Absolutely insane!

    Awww, hope Bry gets better soon. Hugs from Arizona!

  14. wow, tornados hitting near YOU now?

    we're getting pelted with them pretty badly here in the US.

    2012 is getting closer, i fear..

  15. Poor baby! Her whole head must be hurting.

    Wow tornadoes are so scary! They seem to be popping up all over lately.

  16. I hope Brylee gets better soon!


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