Monday, May 02, 2011


So... I really have NOTHING to yak about right now!

Well.. the kids are back at school in two hours or so...  that's a good thing.
They are in their new winter uniforms... maybe I'll take a photo of them and show ya?

Yeah and I'll do some sewing ... join those striped blocks together somehow and show ya that too...
 but until then:

ABOVE:  lookit this cute baby!   So bloody cute! (YES OB, it is a baby hedgehog)

ABOVE:  Dude in his winter uniform.. typical guy.. hands in pockets...

 ABOVE:  the two of them.  Brylee SHOULD be in the same clothes as Griffin...

ABOVE:  but she's got a temperature and a sore throat... so she is stayin' at home.  *sigh*... at least she will be in bed eh?  lol
When Joshua arrived last week he had a sore throat.... so no doubt that's where she got it from.  Hope is skips everyone else!

Off to drop Griffin at school... 'tis raining...

ABOVE:  The first doilie is finished...

ABOVE:  I suppose in hindsight I should have made them more blue seeing as there's a ship sitting on it eh?  Too late now.

Time to take a break for lunch..

ABOVE: I can't believe it has taken me ALL DAY to make 6 freakin' doilies!  But they are done now and I'm happy with them.  I suppose it would have been quicker if I hadn't put fancy stitching around the edges of each one... but they look nicer that way.

It's dinner time... think it's a 'hit and miss' type of dinner tonight. Steve had left over Nachos for a LATE lunch and Brylee isn't eating, so I really only have to feed Stew and Griffin.  I can have something light like some crackers and cheese.

End of Day:  *sigh*  Brylee now has an ear ache as well as a sore throat.  Might have to take her to the Dr's tomorrow. 
DIET:  pffffft.
nite nite.


  1. Is that a hedgehog...?

  2. Love the little hedgehog!!! Hope Brylee is better soon!

  3. O those little hedgehogs are so cute! I had several once upon a time.

    Sorry that Brylee is not "up to snuff". Hope she makes a quick recovery.

    The "Dude" looks very handsome in his winter uniform.

    Can't wait to see the work on your quilt.

  4. The Dude is looking very "spiffy"....and boy isn't Brylee turning into a very pretty young lady ?

  5. hope everyone else avoids the sore throat!!!

    enjoy your day

  6. Where did the hedgehog come from? I don't think we get them in Australia but I remember them from England when I was a sprout.

  7. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Did you ever finish those placemats/runner? Baby animals are so gorgeous, more cuter than human babies! WOMBAT

  8. I love the doilies, I think it is worth the extra time and fancy stitching if you are having them on display in your home.

    I hope poor Brylee feels better tomorrow.

    The only downside of the kids being back at school is they are knackered & grumpy by the end of the week until they gat back into it (mind you mine were grumpy yesterday & today after a week of All stars.

  9. Hey Cris
    I like the doilies but not the colours your beautiful ornaments get lost in the sea of colours.
    Hope Brylee is feeling a little better tonight.

  10. Chris, you comment made me laff! Definitely a crystal on both eyes... otherwise it would have looked like I had a sty!!!

  11. Hedgehogs in the UK, well the south anyway are sadly very rare. Ten years ago there were so many but now its very rare to see any. We had 2 in our garden last year but havent seen any since. We used to have gardens full of sparrows too(small birds) but they vanished about 10yrs ago, they are coming back now. I bet none of you Antipodeans know that we do have a huge ammount of green parakeets in our gardens.....aint nature weird!!!

  12. Anonymous2:58 AM

    By uniform, do you mean they have to be in blue everyday, or are they an "actual uniform": same thing every day? The baby Hedgehog is just darling. Your doilies are beautiful!! Hope Brylee is feeling better...debbie.

  13. Poor kiddo! Sucks to miss the first day.

    My kid went back from spring break today and we were all dragging! Too much fun yesterday and got home late.

  14. Cute little hedge hog!

  15. Cute little hedge hog!

  16. From cute kids to cute hedgehogs now that is cute!!! Hope Brylee feelsa better soon Griffin is getting so tall...

  17. Wow, that hedgehog looks like a cute toy.


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