Friday, May 20, 2011


Oh Yeah... it's Friday.  I don't drink much alcohol...but sometimes on a Friday I really do look forward to having a wee tipple (drink) in the evening... and today is one of those days.

Last night Emily had one of her very rare baths... where Amanda takes Emily's halter off completely... Emily loved her bath too!

ABOVE:  sorry there's so many photos, but I just could not choose only a couple... they are all just gorgeous!  (of the baby)

TODAY: not sure yet... Amanda and Emily are here till tomorrow, so maybe we will go to the mall for a look-see around?

ABOVE:  I almost forgot this one!  Steve with wee Emily's hat on!  It almost suits him... ALMOST!  lol


Been doing the housework... watching a bit of telly with Amanda... now?  Bored.  Want to go out and do some retail therapy but can't cos I have to save every cent right now for Coco's boyfriend.  *sigh*
Want to win LOTTO... like every other bugger in the land!

Can't even feel excited about lunch... probably have a sandwich.  Yaaaaaa.............

I thought "Oh stuff it" and took off for the mall with Amanda and Emily.  We shopped a bit and had a nice lunch... checked out patio shades for Amanda's deck then came home.

Just waiting for Brylee and Griffin to arrive home now..

End of Day:  I cooked roast pork for dinner.. and it was yummy! 
DIET:  good
nite nite.


  1. Emily is gorgeous and really has your eyes beautiful colour, Steve is a noodle ginjas that hat will be ruined!! Have a lovely Nana day withEmily.

  2. She is just soooo cute

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Cte photos just like you said! I'd put them all on there too! She sure is cute. Growing!! ...debbie

  4. Oh she's so cute. Love the bathtub piccies :o) .... but when I saw the one of the two of you together I couldn't believe it!!! You both have the exact same eyes ... she's just like you Chris!!!
    Bless her gawjus heart ....
    Joy :o)

  5. awww sooooo stinkin adorable i love baby bath times :)
    sniff sniff love baby smells too... well not the poo but the rest of it :)

  6. She is the most gorgeous wee thing, even I can't get enough photos of her :-)

  7. Oooh, Emily has dimples and such lovely eyes! When my kids were infants, I washed them in a plastic bathtub with warm water. Come to think of it, I did it till they became too big for the bathtub.

  8. O Chris - She is SO precious! And Growing up a storm!!!!!!!!!!

    O Yes, I LOVE the one with the two of you - I wish she would be able to have that picture when she is old enough to appreciate it. :)

    That Steve is so special. He is what I call a REAL MAN because he appreciates his feminine side and is not afraid to express it.

    Some of those males who want to come off so "mot-cho" man -thinking that is how they express their manliness - when they need to tender that soft side and the ability to be able to laugh and understand a little of how women feel . Plus they have the ability to be able to Give and not TAKE all the time. SO - BRAVO to your young Steve! Because he is a real man - mayb he had a good Mom who taught him some of these traits?? :)

  9. Sorry, I forgot to add that I remember one of the last times you had your tipple and you woke up with a hang over. It was so funny and I had a good laugh!

  10. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Idea Go for a walk with dogs & others to that beautiful park.
    Emily looks like her Dad

  11. It's official... Emily is too cute for words! What a gorgeous little girl and oh so happy!

    Thanks for the great picks. She made me smile.

    xo jj

  12. what adorable pictures.....thanks for making me smile tonight.

  13. Emily has certainly grown. Have you given Coco the talk about the fact of life. Shame Vince has had the snip and of course in another damn country. Martine

  14. There is no such thing as too many pictures of cute babies . . . and Emily is a cutie! Those eyes are amazing and her joy at being in the tub is evident.

  15. Your little cutie -pie Emily is such a pretty blue eyed beauty .A lovelt edition to the fold .Isn't it great when all the family take a turn .--cottonreel

  16. Oh my gosh she's so stinkin cute!

  17. What absolutely precious pictures! Oh my gosh, I can certainly see where Emily gets her beautiful blue eyes from!

    I loved the picture of Steve with the hat on. What a hoot!

  18. Baby is so cute. I can see why you have so many baby photos.


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