Saturday, May 28, 2011


ABOVE:  we watched the finale of American Idol last night.... Steve did not open his big mouth and tell me who won, so that was good.
I really, really wanted Lauren to win... but Scotty won... but it didn't upset me too much as they are both AMAZING singers, and I'm sure they will both become BIG stars over time.

Today:  well hopefully I'm getting a sleep in! 
After that?  Probably go to a mall... or maybe go check out some Spa Pools?  Apparently at the Hot Springs Spa Pool shop in Botany you can get INTO the pools to try them out!  Hmmmmm.... now there's an idea!

lol.... maybe not knowing Stew.  I really can't see him getting into a spa pool in a shop.  Me?  OH YEAH BABY!

So... it could be an interesting day....

Pfffft... I didn't get into the spa pool... we wanted to go to town after looking at the pools so I decided it wouldn't be prudent to get all wet!  I think we have decided on which spa pool to get... if money comes available!

After looking at the pools we had lunch in Newmarket and had a wander around the shops... so expensive in Newmarket!  Well... clothes are.  And talk about masses of shoe shops!  I'm sure there were at least a dozen just on the main street.  Sadly ... NO fabric shops.  *sniff*

We are having a quiet afternoon... Stew and I have been 'dozing' while watching some mindless TV.  No motivation to do anything else right now!

END OF DAY:  stayed home all afternoon expecting to hear from the people who are supposed to be dropping off stuff from Whitianga... but they didn't reply to my messages ... and didn't turn up.  Cross about that.
nite nite


  1. But then that means getting into your togs brrrrrrrrr its too cold for that!!!!

  2. I don't like country music but was glad Scotty on, he has something special about him.
    The finale show was great, especially Tom Jones!

  3. Do you just wear your suit there? Lol There's a mattress place here that wants you to bring your pillow and wear your pj's haha.

  4. OK, OK - did you get wet????????? :)

  5. We watched Idol too, but I wish it wasn't so long. The Little Monkey didn't get to bed until after 10pm. It's a good thing she has afternoon kindergarten.

  6. One of the biggest fabric shops is in Newmarket!! Did you miss it :)

  7. Penny, NZ7:20 PM

    There are a couple of fabric shops in Newmarket but nothing to write home about, they are in the side streets. I ended up at Spotlight instead, but must try that David's Emporium you wrote about! Sounds fantastic, and my partner is called David, must be a sign...

  8. There is a cool fabric shop in newmarket... its in the street where Zarbo's deli is... the one with 277 carpark entrance... bummer. Sooo expensive in newmarket though... love it but whew! Out to the 'burbs for me...

    Catch ya,


  9. A pool spa!!??!! How awesome would that be? Jealous much!!

  10. Whaaaaat? You watch American Idol? I thought it was the crappiest show ever. I've never seen it.

  11. Just don't go trying out spa pools in shops at the end of the day - I can just picture a shop keeper trying to get you out when you don't want to move ... lol ... it wouldn't be pretty!


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