Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today  Amanda and I are popping over to Botany Town Centre to look at stuff in the market there.  I saw some really lovely stuff there last weekend and wanted to show Amanda.

We may even leave the baby with the guys!

Those blasted garage door men DID NOT come yesterday, after promising they would.  Grrrrrr.
I think Stew will be ringing them again on Monday!  God help them.

ABOVE:  Russell and his daughter Sienna. Awwwww.

ABOVE: Haylea and her sister Sienna, who is going to be a real blondie by the look of it!

ONWARD...  so we went shopping.... it was nice, just the two of us.  I got spoilt by Amanda .... she bought me this totally gorgeous Blue Pendant!  :

ABOVE:  lovely pendant, it will get masses of use ...

ABOVE:  topped up the Gift Parcel for baby Sienna... now the big question is:  do I post it... or hand deliver it???  Time will tell.

ABOVE:  After Amanda and Emily left we decided to go for a drive.... and went over to Devonport.  While the guys and kids had a run around at the look out I had a hot drink and wander around the shops.  When they picked me up we went up Mount Victoria and I got these awesome photos.  I could never get tired of the view of Auckland city.

ABOVE:  a lovely wee church at the foot of Mt. Victoria.   We parked there to get an ice cream from the dairy.  YUM.

Home now and Stew is 'the cook' for dinner... wonder what he's doing?

End of Day:  our evening took a totally different turn from expected.  I did not get to see American Idol... which I really wanted to see... so will have to watch it tomorrow.  NO. BUGGER. TELL.  ME. WHO. THE. FINAL. TWO. ARE!!!
DIET: yeah OK.  Oh and I'll tell you what I did tonight... TOMORROW!
nite nite.


  1. Hand deliver. Air NZ direct flight from Auck.

    It will be worth every penny spent on the airfare :)

  2. O Chris!
    That pendant is beautiful!What a perfect gift! Nice to have those kind of days, isn't it! :)

  3. ohhh wouldn't it be wonderful if you could hand deliver ??

  4. Definately hand deliver beautiful beautiful pendant gorgeous gorgeous baby Sienna.

  5. Penny, NZ7:24 PM

    Love the pendant, Amanada is very kind! The view of the CBD is cool. I live there. One day Chris, we should meet up. I am busy with end of semester at the moment but after that would be cool?

  6. Penny, NZ7:25 PM

    Oh yes and forgot to say hand deliver if you can... And bugger those garage door guys! Hopeless!!!

  7. I say hand deliver:-)

  8. I vote for hand deliver. Postage is expensive anyway!

  9. That necklace is totally gorgeous Chris :))

    As for the special parcel ... definitely try to hand deliver :)

  10. hand deliver love the pendant and we r so short of lovely wee churches here in chch now so nice photo

  11. The pendant is gorgeous! I love the colors. It reminds me of the water in the Caribbean. Ahhh...

    Very sweet picture of Russell and Sienna. You have beautiful grandbabies Chris!

    Your pictures of Auckland are spectacular! It make me want to visit even more! I absolutely LOVE the one of the church! FANTASTIC!

  12. Your pictures turned out beautiful! Love the necklace too!!


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