Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last night Amanda had the AUDACITY to sit on the dogs chair in the family room:

ABOVE: as per usual, I couldn't pick JUST ONE picture... so there's three of the dogs re-claiming their chair!  They didn't move until Emily cried... awwww.... so darn cute.

ABOVE:  our Emily without the Pavik Harness... it was weird holding her without it on... she felt so soft and cuddly.  It won't be long before she gets used to the freedom, and her legs come down to the normal position.  But for now, she's still our little frog.

TODAY: don't have any plans yet... Amanda and Andrew are here all day so we might just chill out at home?  We will see....

::: Teddy is in the cone again as he chewed his back leg... and made a mess AGAIN.  Luckily I caught it very quickly and it should be all better in a few days.

My neighbour Myra came through the hip operation ...  the next 4 days are critical for her...so fingers crossed all goes well.

Mid afternoon:  and it's been one of those 'do nothing' days here.  In fact I went and had a nana-nap this afternoon!
Was nice to just do nothing.

Amanda, Andrew and Emily left at lunchtime... I expect they will be back soon!  Amanda sure is enjoying coming up here with the baby lots.. so are we.  I am sure once Amanda goes back to work we won't see as much of them...

It is very quiet in blogland!  Maybe I better do some blog reading soon to see what you are all up to!

End of... a very average day. 
nite nite.


  1. Well, it's a nice big chair! All four look very comfy.

  2. she is sooooo cute!!!!!!

  3. What's Teddy been up to - I see he's in the dreaded 'cone of silence' again!!!??! Do love that pic of them all on the chair - oh and your Emily is just getting cuter by the minute ;o)!!
    Joy :o)

  4. HOW CUUUTE the dogs wanted their chair back


    the baby is sooooo cute! Awwww!!!

  5. I love how the dogs are looking straight at the camera (or you) in the 2nd and 3rd pics....little hams they are.

  6. Yay, I love these nursing shots! So motherly but not boob-in-face. Beautiful stuff. Hope your neighbour is up and about soon! :)

  7. Looks like four beautiful babies to me!

  8. I hope all goes with your neighbor's operations.

  9. Teddy and Coco and Emily look so funny Amanda looks cute too, Fingers crossed for Myra.

  10. lol very cute! And the dogs are cute too ;o)

  11. Penny, NZ10:44 PM

    Wonderful news about the harness. As my partner said when you found out, it is great that she was diagnosed and could be treated early. He knew a woman at university who wanted to be a ballerina but found out in her early twenties when it was too late for them to correct it, so she couldn't. I'm so glad she is okay (and cute doing her frog impression!).

    Look forward to meeting in a couple of months (sorry about the delay, just so busy).


  12. Too funny about the dogs. Hope the neighbor is ok. Enjoy the return to peace and quiet with the kids back in school.

  13. That baby is just adorable!!


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