Monday, May 09, 2011


ABOVE: ten perfect little toes... all accounted for and all adorable.

 ABOVE:  Looking at Sienna over SKYPE is not like being there and holding her, but it's the best we can do for now.  Oh to have masses of cash to just jump on a plane and go there right now!  *sniff*

ABOVE:  Russell and his wee girl.  I love this photo... Sienna looks so much like Kelly did as a newborn. 

TODAY: big clean up after the weekend.  And waiting on 'news' from Stew.   Not expecting it to be what we wanted...

 ABOVE:  I just bathed the dogs, I did Coco first, then Teddy.  Teddy really didn't want a bath, he was scared... so he pee'd on the floor just as Steve picked him up!  Needless to say, Steve also got pee'd on! 
Steve is NOT impressed with our Teddy!

ABOVE:  but who could stay cross with our darling Teddy eh?  lol
Now I have to blow dry them and trim them again... oh yaaaa...

so... Steve and I are sitting in the lounge watching American Idol that I taped... when our front door is opened and we look at each other and go "Who is THAT just barging into our house?"...

And it was the kids home from school!  We could not believe it was already 3pm!  Where the hell did the day go?

Seems it took me HOURS to groom both dogs again!

I really can't show you either as Teddy no longer looks like Teddy, he looks like a terrior.  Not a Bichon/Shih Tzu.  SADLY.

Only good thing about that is he won't need grooming for  AGES.  That is good yes?

OH and where is everybody???  Hardly anyone has popped in and said 'HI' today... *sniff*

NEWS: finally got THE NEWS we have been waiting for.  And it was a big fat NO.  Stew applied for a job within his company which would have meant moving to Wellington for us.  But he didn't get it.  He is ....... dejected but determined to get his 'skills' up so when a similar job comes up he is better prepared to get it.  (edit: at Stew's level there are only 3 jobs above his that he can go it could be a LONG wait which is why we are so upset about not getting this one.)

I on the other hand am just cross... we had got our hopes up for nothing is would seem. 

Off to eat chocolate now... comforting it is.

I forgot to say why I was so bloody cross on friday!  Stew had been told EVERYONE who was interviewed would be told the outcome on FRIDAY.  So on friday night the GM told Stew "Oh I shall talk to you on Monday with feedback" and then left the building for the weekend!  WTF?  He knew we were literally sitting on the edge of our chairs waiting for a 'YES' or 'NO' from him and he didn't care that he was just making us wait two more days!  WHAT. AN. INSENSITIVE. PRICK. 

End of Day:  going to put this day to bed and hopefully wake up tomorrow in a better mood.
DIET:  totally f*#ked up.
nite nite.


  1. You never know, no news could be good news, fingers crossed.... Have a great day sunny here yay :-)

  2. But what is there not to love about Teddy - he is a superstar. Martine x

  3. ohhh love the pic of your son and newest granbaby..

    Hope "news" is good news

  4. Yay, she looks so sweet and lovable. :) Hope all is well with Stew!

  5. Cant wait to come up again on thursday... starting to miss being at your place... weird!

  6. I'm around!!!! Bugger about the job, would have loved having you closer and I am sure the PNth girls would have too.
    Poor doggies....the joys of being groomed!!!!
    Enjoy your chocolate :)

  7. Put the chocolate down!!!!!!!

    If Stew didn't get this job it is because there is a better one coming up for him.

  8. Oh - sorry to hear that Chris - would have meant you would have
    been a lot closer to us down here:-(

  9. Anonymous4:58 PM

    No wonder Teddy peed the floor he just knew what was coming.A # two hair cut!
    Sometimes the people doing the judging don't have the skills themselves. Look at the person applying the skills can always be taught.
    Mary H

  10. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Sorry you didnt get good news, hope it works out soon for you. We are going through something similiar, at the waiting to see if we get an interview stage.


  11. Hi Chris. Sorry that you and Stew didn't get the news you were hoping for ... but on the plus side, it means you get to continue living not too far away from your lovely grandchildren for regular cuddles, a little bit longer :))

  12. sorry Stew missed out on the job would have been great having you back down the middle of country again closer to us all..but on the broight side kiddo u r closer to Emily etc

  13. Sucks aye, we have been waiting 4 months to hear if the job in Nelson is going ahead and still we wait and we only have 4 days left of employment...

  14. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Must be the norm to stuff people around about jobs from within - same thing happened with my hubby


  15. Oh, all your kids are so beautiful! Even the furry ones!

  16. Wow. Congrats on another grandbaby. I love baby toes. Oh, sorry about Stew's news. Not sure if this will mean anything to you. When one door closes, another opens. Hope another opportunity comes up soon.

  17. What an absolutely adorable baby girl!

    The news about the job is not what you and Stew wanted but take comfort in the fact that you have a wonderful new granddaughter.

    Hope things get cheerier soon!

  18. Leigh8:44 AM

    Have had the same thing from my husbands employer in the past. All I can say is better than the 2 times he has been made redundant! What industry does Stew work in? On the good side the new grand daughter looks sweet lucky you. I hope you get to visit them soon.

  19. Well a late comment is better than none huh! cute toes cute dogs not cute about job.

  20. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Sorry Stu didn't get the job. Maybe something better will come along. Ya' never know!...debbie

  21. Baby is adorable and mommy is too!

    That sucks on the job. Scott applied for a job that a friend of ours was trying to help him get and we never heard anything back (after 4 times of redoing the resume).

  22. I love your dogs. Love them!


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