Friday, May 06, 2011


ABOVE: Steve and Griffin cooking dinner last night.  I am training them right... see... Steve has on swimming goggles to stop his eyes from stinging while cutting up onions!  LOL... I have even answered the door with them on... such a twit!

We are having a delightfully lazy day today, just spending time with Amanda and Emily.  Steve and I fight over who is going to get to hold her... sometimes I let him win.   **smiles**


*** SQUEALS ***  our son Russell just text'd me.. his partner has gone into labour... which means we will have a new grandbaby hopefully TODAY!!!

Oh and I have to work this afternoon, just got a call from me boss at the Hospice shop... she needs me as her afternoon staff can't make it.  Awesome, I love being there.

My feet hurt~!  I've been on then for nearly 4 hours.. I must start wearing me comfy sneakers to work!  Boots while snazzy are not that comfy for long periods of time.

Amanda and Emily have gone home, coming back on sunday, which is Mother's Day here. 

End of Day: no baby news.  No other news either, even though we were expecting some.
DIET: good
nite nite.


  1. Household tip - if you keep your onions (well the ones you are going to use soon) in the vege bin in the fridge, you won't get any onion fumes. I never, ever get onion fumes and take it for granted but the other week at my friend's house she asked me to cut up the onion and OMG.. I cried and cried. Try it, it works :)

  2. keep a stalk of celery on hand... cut it rub under they eyes an wash hands with it after cutting onion... it really works :)

  3. How exciting, another grandbaby - I hope the shop is busy today to help take your mind off it.

    The pic of the boys cooking is lovely.

  4. How exciting - a brand new baby! I hope everything goes great.

    Your "young men" are so great.There is nothing like a man who can cook.

  5. Haha I do the googles too when cutting onions!!! Oh the joy of baby fussing....

  6. Household tip: Cutting up onions will never make you cry if you get Steve and Griffin to do it!
    Congrats on soon re-being a Grandmother!

  7. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Had to chuckle at the thought of you answering the door in swimming goggles!! You are so nutty!! Gotta love you!! Another grand baby!!! Wow! how wonderful!! Congrats!...debbie

  8. You really did train them right! Good for you! The goggles are a good idea but answering the door with them on . . . not so much. Can't wait to hear about the new baby.

  9. I put mine in the fridge and they are still bad. I asked a friend that is going to culinary school and she said you need a really sharp knife to not get the fumes.

    Hopefully the new grandbaby will make an apperance soon!

  10. leigh5:58 PM

    I must have hard eyes as I never do anything special and have no problems!


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