Sunday, January 31, 2010


Below : some 'before' and 'after' photos from my sewing efforts yesterday afternooon....

Now I just have to hope that my colours are a good match with the Duvet cover and pillows etc when I get them.

Today: ehhhh... who knows? I might just stay home and do some more sewing yet. Depends on the weather, what Stew wants to do.. and the kids. Though I must say the kids are enjoying just being at home! What with Playstation, PSP's, Wii, the pool, colouring in books etc they are very content.

ONWARD....Well we finally have some rain... and it's so much cooler today too. So I'm not so grumpy! I've not done any sewing... I've just watched some of the many programmes taped on MySky... how boring !

Stew had a bright idea! We went for a tiki tour to Buckland's Beach... about 30 minutes from our house.

We drove through Howick Golf Course to get to a really neat lookout point... called MUSICK POINT... there is an old Telecom /Radio Station Building there too. Above is two photos from the point.
After taking in the view (much to the kids disgust) we appeased them by getting an ice cream.
Home now and I'm teaching Stew how to make Nacho Bean mix. Cos I didn't want to make it myself ! Awesome.
End of Day, and Stew's nachos were very nice.... hard not to be, it was my recipe! Stuffed now... so will say nite nite.


  1. Please come to America, Mississippi to be exact. I have a very long honey do list of sewing projects, and I'll give you a cat.

  2. Is the long new piece of fabric for a blind? It has rained all through the night here and was chucking it down early this morning WE are relaxing too NO sunbathing NO gardening (ohhhhhhhhh but ironing a weeks worth YAY!) NOT ha

  3. aaobeirne10:11 AM

    If you doing sewing.... maybe sew clothes for kids, create a label then sell online, make some money have your own hours, you can obviously be as creative as you like, and be able to sell around the world if you wanted. The two pics are interesting, but you will do everything you can in your house and have nothing else to do but change designs, you mite get bored... Think global women.

  4. I wish I had 1 tenth of your talent. I can't even thread a needle.

  5. The kids must have been content for you do get that much done. Well done! I do hope everything matches.

  6. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I think that they will match really well with the light house picture.

    You are very crafty - I am glad the sewing machine is not troubling you at the moment


  7. Anonymous4:55 PM

    I accidently hit the link to your website and got such a surprise to see you had gone public again. A very nice surprise.....we have missed you. Tammy

  8. LOL -
    I am sick of the heat now. !
    You want cool l- I want heat - wish we had some kind of "EXCHANGER"! !!!!
    I love your new projects - I agree that I think they will look lovely together! How much longer do you have to wait????? I am terrible when it comes to "waiting"!
    I adored the pictures of your water!!!That certainly is a Magical place! Maybe that is where you get some of your Inspirational talents from/??/

  9. We've been to that look out, lovely spot. Won't be about for a couple of weeks but will catch up on your happenings when we get back.

  10. You ARE a clever girl aren't you. I think the bedroom will look great! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product, ie the bedroom with new doona and lighthouse picture, cushion etc.

    What lucky kids . . . no wonder they're happy.

    Best wishes, Lesley

  11. You are very talented with your sewing ya tart!! I wish I lived close to you so we could gossip and yabber on while you taught me how to neat would that be!!??? I love nachos.....haven't had them for ages...might make some myself for tomorrows tea now you have put the idea in my bloody head!

  12. You live such an exciting life!! Love the pictures!! I want to come and visit you!!

  13. Love the Nautical feel of the two covers. After seeing your red and white striped fluffy cushion front, they'll look great together.

    Buckland's Beach and Musick Point are beautiful! The water looks so calm and relaxing.

  14. You come up with the coolest stuff!


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