Friday, January 29, 2010


What I got done last night. That's me toes in the foreground, to give you some idea of the size.

I used to knit a lot of my kids jumpers etc years ago.... I never thought I would knit again! But this 'wool' is really cool! It's called MODA VERA Flurry, it's 100% Polyester. It sorta looks like ribbon, knits up different from wool too. I've seen lots of scarves knitted in this stuff. Don't think I will be making myself a scarf though!

Today I want to go back to Sylvia Park and make sure that the shop has found my Duvet Cover... and I saw this cute as lighthouse picture, in red and white that I am rather tempted to buy for my room too!

It's amazing how getting new bedlinen/co-ordinates can make you feel so.....HAPPY! lol

I'm off walking this morning with Lyn (Private Blogger)... and it's a glorious day, not a cloud in the sky!

ABOVE: I have woken up with a black eye too! NO idea how it happened, just black in the inner corner of me right eye and swollen! Weird. It's not sore even, and I'm sure Stew didn't elbow me in the night! Dark glasses for me today... Re: your comment Steve: THANKS, ya shit.

ABOVE: As you can see, I got the picture of the lighthouse. It wasn't even expensive, in fact it was really cheap. Stew WAS relieved! LOL
It's a stinking hot day again... and I'm going to sit down and read some blogs now....

End of Day and WHOOPS! I fell asleep this afternoon, practising being a NANA lol! It is so hot, our thermometer in the lounge is registering 31 degrees C. .... so goodness knows how much hotter it is outside! Stew and I just watched the final of Survivour Samoa ... which was neat! Dinner tonight is fresh corn on the cobb... yum yum! and nite nite.


  1. have mercy you are too talented and amazing ... wear the mystery black eye with pride tell everyone they should see the other guy LMAO!

  2. Haha I bet you look like a right fruitcake with your silly little black eye :D

  3. The knitting thing, now that is something I CAN do....haven't done it for a while, but I can. I may get inspired to finish the baby blanket I started a long time ago.
    BTW, what are the results of you knee X-rays?

  4. Hey Chris -

    I'm so happy to be able to see you again. I was behind on my blog reading when you went underground so I missed out on being able to get the super secret password.

    It's good to see you again.

    If anyone asks about the black eye I would say "this is nothing, you should see the other guy."

  5. RED you WHO WOULD have thought!!!! Black Eye my friend she rubs her eyes BADLY int he night allt he time YOU should see her BLACK EYES some mornings they are horrendous!!!!

  6. sorry for all the typos and spelling mistakes!.

  7. That black eye sure looks nasty! Wonder if it will go through that black , blue , yellow and green????? So sorry.

    I AM THRILLED that you knitted! They do have some really beautiful yarns now a days! I used to crochet and loved that . I had a friend "offer" to give me knitting lessons . Our first project was a pair of socks and she used 4 needles ? I was amazed , but thought - I should stick with crochet because that only needed ONE needle. LOL But I still think Knitting is prettier.

  8. Nice knitting! The red is fabulous.

    Sorry about the black eye. That's so strange, but at least it doesn't hurt.

    And corn on the cobb-- Oh I miss summer! It's my fave.


  9. Maybe you were sleep walking last night and bumped your eye?!!

    Love the light house and LOVE nana naps too ;)

    K :)

  10. I like lighthouses! Now I've asked you before but will ask again. Do you use your heat pump to cool your house? Hell, I'd be a melted puddle on the floor at the moment if mine wasn't going all the time :)

  11. Anonymous12:52 AM

    With the black eye - you can spin a tale of dizzy heights.

    Love the piccy of the lighthouse


  12. Shame you are not making a scarf, that red/white stripes would look really groovy!

  13. Perhaps its a bug bite, they can be pretty nasty. Enjoy your heat its -30C here today, don't think any extreme is pleasant. Have fun setting up all your new things for the bedroom. Have a great weekend.

  14. So what are you going to knit? I just started back and I made a scarf and now I have started another one.

  15. Sometimes I wake up with a black eye too. I'm fairly certain it's because my wife hits me when I'm sleep.


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