Sunday, January 10, 2010


Something amazing has happened!

Amanda and Andrew have offered to have Brylee and Griffin from today until Friday! OMG, OMG.. this means Stew and I will actually have a few days all to ourselves! We can go to the movies... out for dinner.. whatever we want without having to take two kids along too. AWESOME! I have been wanting to go to see "The Lonely Bones" for a while, and it's an Adult only movie.. now we can go without worrying about the kids!

This will be the LONGEST these two kids have been away from us! They are very excited.... long may it last!

So today we are taking the kids to Amanda's in Hamilton... and coming home on our own. I am thrilled to bits....

Took the kids to Hamilton, said "BYE" and left! Had a very QUIET trip home! Stopped at a roadside shop near Huntly and bought some gorgeous BLUE candles for the dining table, had an ice cream at Pokeno... and now home to ... DO NOTHING! BLISS BLISS BLISS... there is no NOISE... just his nibs watching SPORT on the telly! I could get used to this! In about 10 years time..LOL!

ABOVE: The candles we got today, so pretty!

End of Day: we had dinner out in Manukau, then went for a tiki tour down Great South Road, checked out how to get to Middlemore Hospital via the roads.... checked out our local Video Stores and then came home. To QUIETNESS... well as long as you don't count Teddy! Who goes nuts when we come home.... and jumps all over us and whimpers like he's demented! LOL ... nite nite.


  1. What an awesome arrangement to have Amanda and Andrew have the kids. It will be great for you and Stew to have some you time!!!

  2. That is just awesome. Have fun and enjoy while you can.

  3. That is wonderful news - enjoy your couple time. I know that you wouldn't give up your beautiful children, but it must be hard to know that all the plans that you had for post children put off into the future. It's a good job that you are so young (and even younger at heart).


  4. Have fun without the kids. Just think of all the things you can do with Stew ! Enjoy

  5. Have fun without the kids. Just think of all the things you can do with Stew ! Enjoy

  6. Im happy for you!
    Enjoy your time Chris, We all love our kids to bits, but it sure is lovely when you get some time away, in my case (which is very rare!)they need it as much as we do!
    Have fun ;o)

  7. Enjoy your week - but don't get too used to it ; )

  8. WOW! The sound of silence must be a wonderful thing... can't imagine fulltime parenting as long as you guys have. You're an inspiration. Those kids are lucky to have you and Stew and you guys are lucky to get a few days off! WOOT!!! Enjoy :)

  9. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Wow!!! Enjoy your time together!!! Loved the candles!

  10. Wow, what a great deal for you. Enjoy the "me" time. You deserve it.

  11. How exciting Chris...enjoy every quiet minute you get....I can tell you I love my peace and quiet and am very thankful my 12 year old is a good girl that can read quietly and knows I enjoy the


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