Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What a bugger!
I have exceeded my quota of free uploads, I have to now BUY more... so am waiting for my payment to go through! Could take a few days.

Until then.. you are all gunna have to just enjoy my WORDS! edit: the quota was 1 GB, which is about 5,000 photos! I bought 20 GB for US$5 a year, so it's really cheap!

So... TODAY.... MIGHT go to the beach with the kayak.. will depend on the weather. It's not supposed to be that hot today, thank god! Yesterday was diabolical... OK, not as hot as it gets in places like Australia, but still hot for here.

I am GOING to be EXCEEDINGLY careful today to stay LOW CARB.... yesterday was hard as we were at the mercy of Cafe' food.... and there weren't that many low carb options. So today I can make up for that.

I am chuffed, right thrilled, to BE BACK to only one main blog!

BLONDIE: good try with the orange kumera, pumpkin makes me VOMIT. But good try!

AWESOME! I got around the dilemma of the photos by deleting photos from my blog from 3 years ago! Hopefully my payment goes through tomorrow so I don't have to delete any more!

ABOVE: the kids having fun in the zoo playground.

ABOVE: my favourite animal in the zoo... they are just magnificent!

ABOVE: the only other HUNK that caught my eye at the Zoo...

We are not going to the beach today afterall.. hell the two visiting kids LIVE at the beach! So we may just go to the mall with them instead!

We did the mall... (Sylvia Park)... love that place! Bought the 'bonus' grandson some summer sandals as he had none, then ummmmm............ I kinda saw this beautiful Duvet set:

and I said "I HAVE TO BUY IT"!!! So. I did. Only hitch... I have to wait until the shop can get it in our bed size... *sigh*. Griffin put his whole LEG through our present Duvet Cover the other day... BOYS! Ahhhh... feel SO much better after a bit of retail therapy! I do, I do!

End of Day, and I think even Stew's tolerance to the constant noise from the kids is wearing a bit thin. He's getting GRUMPY. Luckily they are now off to bed and he can unwind a bit. Me too. nite nite.


  1. LOL Bugga about the photos, how much is it?? - Have a great day :-)

  2. How much did the new quota of uploads cost and how many do you get for that?
    I am also trying to reduce my carbs a little, and make sure I am not drinking with my meals.

  3. Hi Chris - do you resize photos before posting? I always resize to a small file and with three blogs that I have (one family photos) I have only still used 15% of my space. Just a thought.. also you can delete old photos if that is any use - or pay as you are doing :)

    Good luck with the food - you need to find things you love! I find the shake for breakfast and lunch just makes the choosing so much easier. There are also yummy fudge bars for when you are out and about that I have and can't make a good choice.

  4. im curious, how much do they charge for more space?

  5. If you do the clean & press lifts, start slow. I did 20 on my 'walkthrough' at the gym yesterday and my legs are screaming today! I had planned to go again today, but might have to make it a walk instead to give my legs a bit of recovery time.....

  6. It's still winter here and we just went through some very cold weather....for us. We get very hot here in the summer though. I live in North Carolina,USA

  7. Gee that is cheap WONDER IF you can use bloggers photo limits that they don't use LIKE can we GIFT our space to you CAUSE I DONT USE MUCH!!!

    See now HOT in AUCKLAND is that like stinky hot OR HUMIDITY HOT cause both I would struggle with.

    KUMARA now see here there is ORANGE kumara, I HATE the purple kumara BUT the golden ones ARE DELICIOUS just like PUMPKIN!

  8. Do you post photos? I hadn't noticed ... lol ... wow @ 5,000 you are so good, it makes your blog so interesting and I love seeing them! I so have to start posting more on mine, lazy tart that I am!

    Good luck with the low carb eating today, you can actually become quite creative with it - will look forward to hearing how it goes.

  9. Good luck with the low carbs - it helped me a while back. Carbs are a bit of a habit with me and a hard one to break.

  10. Yes, the mall is ALWAYS a better option than the beach! Hey, for a nice, low-carb meal, this is one I sometimes have:

    Grill some lamb strips (backstrap?) with some kind of seasoning (I like Greek), make a salad with lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, red onion, add a can of drained chick peas (very filling and good for you), lay the lamb over the salad, then sprinkle some crumbled low-fat ricotta on it all. Finish with black pepper. So yum and low-fat, low-carb. xxx

  11. Orange sweet potato isn't kumera, it's just sweet potato [And it isn't even sweet!]. Only the purple one is called kumera.

    Are you talking about using all of your alloted blogger space for photos?

  12. Anonymous4:52 PM


    Love the duvet - hope it comes soon.


  13. Wow 5000 photos, I'd be lucky to have a 100 on mine.

    The quilt cover set is very nice and naughtical

  14. O FIDDLE STICKS about the space! I adore your pictures ! I love seeing pictures of your "curtain creepers" (your little french fries) and I love seeing your beautiful country.

    OO, I almost forgot - DH is still alive and kicking - O, maybe I should say alive and eating peanuts! LOL

    Wish I could send you some of these snow showers we are getting that our "weather person" did not know a thing about! I have almost decided the best weather report is to go out the door and see what it is doing and that way I know for sure.LOL

  15. Yay for the photos being back! And love the duvet!

    Walking on thursday? Sorry dont have credit to txt till Thursday but Thursday late arvo suits me. I'm picking up my boys from down the line in the morning. Will txt u thursday to sort out exact time. Yay should be a bit of fun :)

  16. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Hi Chris,
    Welcome back to the public blog. So glad things have been sorted for Griffin fingers crossed this year will be a boomer for him.

  17. Nice bedding set. I love retail therapy - and it doesn't affect the scales - so its so healthy!

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  19. Looks like you are keeping everyone busy and out of trouble. I'm sure the kids are having a blast. Enjoy your new purchase. Have another fun filled day.

  20. It's good to know that the extrs GB are that cheap. I'm quickly approaching my quota too.

  21. Hi Chris,

    That doona cover is gorgeous! Thats some awesome retail therapy right there!


  22. You're bed is going to be looking very "American" :O)

    Glad you got around the picture thing, I wonder what I have on mine.

  23. I didn't know there was a photo limit!! Love the bedding!!

  24. I love the bed set! So cute!

    My husband always gets grumpy at night. During the day he's such a fantastic guy. But when he gets tired and it's night time, yikes! Not that he turns into a monster. He just gets grumpier.

  25. I didn't know there was a limit for free graphics on blogger. I thought everything was free.


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