Thursday, January 28, 2010


Our visiting children go home today.
Stew and our two are taking them back.

This means.... I have a guaranteed 6 hours of SILENCE!

But... I have to jump on a train at 1.30pm to get to the hospital... for X-Rays of me knees. Bloody age! My knees hurt...

So, I will make the most of the morning... No firm plans.... but I FEEL the need to go ... SHOPPING! lol

Have I mentioned lately... there's only 7 more sleeps till School starts again? Well .. it's true. It's been a LOooooong 7 weeks. But get this.. they go back on a Thursday... so only two days then a weekend again. That is so not fair! Pfffffft. I just watched this on the 'net.. I loved it.

I have managed to get a lot of housework done today~! And visit the hospital... x-ray results will go to me Dr I presume.

I also bought some stuff from Spotlight to make bedroom co-ordinates for my room, to match the new Duvet cover etc.

Hell, I even bought some WOOL! I'm going to knit a cushion cover, for a different look... I will have to FIND my knitting needles first! I am sure they are up in the storage loft SOMEWHERE.

Stew and the kids just got home from Whitianga too... and the weather is looking very thunder'y out there! OOO Maybe we will get a storm? I love Storms!

End of Day... and Pfffft we didn't get a storm. I have done a bit of knitting tonight... will show you progress tomorrow. For now.. it's bedtime. nite nite.


  1. Hahaha my two go back on Wednesday, well at least it aint a long weekend. LOL

  2. Hope the x-ray goes okay and that you have fun shopping on the way!!!

  3. So glad you went public again! I have been missing your blog and had no way to contact you to join the private your posts!

    Laurie in Texas

  4. 6 hours of silence OH the HORROR!!! Do you take Glucosamine and chdrontin tablets for JOINT I do and I have been taking them for 2 years and figure what the hey START whilst im youngish!!

  5. Hi Chris, hope your knee app went ok. Shopping YEAH, that always makes you feel good! XCathy

  6. You've done well having 'extras'. I've only got two, and some day it feels like 6 or 7!! One goes back next Wednesday, and the other on Thursday. YIPPEE!!

  7. Ours goes back on Tuesday. I can't understand why they all can't start at the same time. Well I suppose I can understand high schools. But honestly - thursday - pfft.

    Enjoy the shopping and hope the xray goes well.

    BTW. I like your duvet. Very classy.

  8. gee, you're lucky. mine went back yesterday! doesn't bother me as I am a working mum, but she was excited to see her friends again... :-)

  9. I know you are glad for a little silence and will be even more happy when the kids go back to school!! Wish we had some warm weather might snow on Friday!!


    I not sure if this website is of any use to you for your quilting

    as for knee I was awake all night with pain in my knee so know how u feel


  11. Keep us posted on your x-rays! I feel your pain!

    What an awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hope your knees are going to be ok!

    Our grandies go back Tuesday - but then I think they broke up earlier.

  13. Bugger mine don't go back till Friday GGGRRRRRR......

  14. I am so sorry about your knees! It doesn't sound like anything bad - UNLESS you have had it happen to you and then it is HORRIBLE!

    I agree with Blondie - about the Glucosamine . It actually helps rebuild the cartilage in your knees . It doesn't act over night since your knees don't get that way overnight either.

    The weather people are calling for SNOW over here on Friday and Saturday - maybe I could send you a few snowballs! LOL

  15. love the colour of the red wool...note I am not commenting on the purchase of a bed duvet from some one other than your friendly lorraine lea linen consultant


  16. I love storms. We had an awesome one last night.

    I'm ok now. Look forwrd to catching up with you in hams in a couple of weeks.

  17. Wow 7 weeks past really quickly, but not for you I'm sure. Enjoy the last week with the kids. Can't wait to see what you knit up. Good luck with the results from the x-ray. This getting older is a pain in the arse.


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