Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night I managed to get Stew to play cards! Amazing. We played until midnight.. Andrew won... as expected. He plays in tournaments... but we still had fun. No money involved, just chips.

I think today Amanda and Andrew are taking Griffin to AVATAR... it's not a movie Brylee would like so maybe Stew and I will take her somewhere else for the morning.

A and A are going home in the afternoon... so we will no doubt catch up on the housework then..


So... Brylee has gone to Avatar too after all that.. so Stew and I are home alone.... AND NO! We are not being 'naughty'... we are moving beds around! Three bedrooms are getting the beds changed around... will show ya later.

End of Day: Stew and I got a huge amount of stuff done today! And I got a huge amount of washing out on the line... JUST in time for it to get drenched with rain all afternoon/evening! Bugger, damn and blast it! Oh well.. it's staying out there now... no way in hell am I getting it all in again dripping wet. pffffft! nite nite.


  1. Avatar looks amazing!! I suck at cards fullstop!!!lol

  2. Yes, I am not good with cards either. My sister-in-law would play from now to forever - she loves it so much.

    I am hoping you will have a wonderful New Year -all the way through , as they seem to go faster each year.

    I totally adore your picture of you studying the water! Beautiful lady - beautiful sea (OPs - might be lake ) They say water spurs creativity - so maybe that was what was inspiring all those beautiful bags.


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