Monday, February 01, 2010


Who said my sewing machine was behaving itself eh?

YOU SPOKE TOO SOON! Two nights ago I was sewing quite happily, then it started again! Every time I used the automatic thread cutter, it jammed. And that message! I could smash the bloody machine when I see that message... cos it means I have to take the stitch plate off, take the bobbin and bobbin case out, and a few other bits and manually push back the cutter! Only then will the machine go again. GRRRRRR.

I hadn't planned on 'telling' you all about it as I am sure you are SICK TO THE BACK TEETH with my sewing machine woes! But I am not going to lie, it is being a shit again. I shall NO DOUBT take it back this week.

Any prizes for guessing how it will go at the sewing machine shop?

It is Auckland Anniversary Day today... so everyone is on hoilday around here... so we may just stay home again! Or go to the beach... totally depends on the weather.


PAULA: evilness!

TRISH: you are forgiven, I don't blame you for the machine from hell!

So far today Stew and I have managed to wash half the house's windows, which were in desperate need of it. AND I just managed to flood the laundry by knocking the sink tap on without realising it...water everywhere! OH WELL, it's a clean floor now.

End of Day... and I'm sad. Stew goes back to work tomorrow. And I feel we have not done enough together... fun things that is! So I will just have to be 'extra specially nice' to him tonight. With that in mind....*snigger* I'm outta here. nite nite!


  1. LOL oh know am glad I just have a basic machine with no problems....

  2. Wasnt me BUT I WAS THINKING IT!!!! Did I miss the pictures OF the DUVET? and truly is that the cover for the bookcase YOU have that in your bedroom? Must have a big bedroom...2 MORE SLEEPS!

  3. Oh how frustrating that sewing machine is .... I think you truly got a "lemon" there. Wouldn't it be a shame if you accidentally dropped it on the way back to the shop (after all I'm sure it is heavy and awkward to carry!!) - then claim insurance for a new (different model/brand) one??

  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    It was me - so sorry I renewed the curse on the sewing machine.


  5. When I use to sew it use to drive me Crazy when my machine would act up!!

  6. I'd wondered about the machine since you hadn't mentioned it lately and have been doing a lot of sewing. Well, now we know. Pffft!

  7. And it had been on it's best behaviour for so long!

    Good luck, and make sure you tell us what happens with that!


  8. I can't believe you still have that bloody sewing machine!

  9. Oh man, that sewing machine needs to be replaces.

  10. Ahhh brings back memories of my mother getting mad with her sewing machine as a kid... I lost count of how many times she threatened to throw it out the window! lol

  11. All that snow.. it is so pretty, but maybe not as pretty as our beachs/seasides

    I think you just "said a mouthful"!!!!!! IF I lived where you do - I would be content to just SEE pictures of snow over here! LOL
    MAN! I am SO sorry that your "evil machine" is giving you grief AGAIN! I know I got so mad at mine that I wanted to "stand on my head" and jump around like a pogo stick!~GRRRRRR! How can you create more of your Beautiful creations ????
    Not trying to tell you what to do , but a friend of mine had a machine doing that and another friend told her that a dull needle can be the cause of poking material down into the "what -ever" ?? I know when ever I got to sew with her and had a problem -she always had me change out my needle first thing. I really do use my needle too long on too many projects -but I always think IF IT ISN'T broke why mess with it??? LOL

  12. I'm just impressed with you being able to put words on your pictures to point out the various'd ya do that?

  13. Jees-sus! I can't believe the sewing machine is on the fritz again. I'd have lost my mind by now. Hope it straightens up soon.

    Have a good week.

  14. Thanks! I'll be giving it a go!

  15. Stupid machine!

    Love the seat and book stand covers.

  16. Damn sewing machine, eh! And a flood too! grrrrrr.

    Well done for washing the windows, though! Living by the sea as we do, I really should be washing the windows frequently because of the salt. But I don't. So now we can hardly see out to appreciate the view. Seriously.

  17. I'm surprised you haven't backed over it with the car by now. What a royal pain in the ass. Sorry to hear the weekend has come to an end all to soon. Looks like you managed to have lots of fun.

  18. Anonymous8:21 PM

    nice post. thanks.


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