Thursday, January 07, 2010


Someone mentioned the kids going back to school... and how I was SURE to know exactly how long it was to go.
Well it's 28 sleeps. OK? I AM counting down... I am.

ABOVE: I took this photo the other day of my cousin's partner Lory.... he was going on about how much weight he'd put on over the holidays... I think he was trying to beat me! ...HE WINS! My cousin is 5 months pregnant with their second son, I think Lory is trying to beat her belly too! So Funny, this guy is just awesome.

Today... well not got anything planned... exercise in the morning along with some housework... might take the kids out for lunch... bla bla bla....

ABOVE: This is the Mint Sauce I cook my lamb/mutton/hogget in... it is so simple! Put the meat in a roasting dish, along with any veges you want to add.. then pour over the entire bottle of sauce, fill the bottle with water to about half and pour than in too... sprinkle some salt over the lot.. not too much... and roast it with a lid on. At the end of cooking, thicken the liquid (if necessary) with a little cornflour mixed with water. Perfect EVERY time. If you have a huge amount of meat, add more sauce! If only a wee bit, less sauce. DERRRR.! ha ha ha

I have been on the exercise equipment again this morning... feels good to be doing some exercise again... even if it is bloody hot and I end up looking like a friggin beetroot faced tart!

The kids and I went shopping... it's a certain DADDY'S Birthday tomorrow. Enough said.. he READS this blog! We met that 'certain' man for lunch too. It was nice.. Stew and I ALWAYS have a kebab. Boring but true. We love them. I could live on them.

Going to do a wee bit of sewing now I hope...


End of Day: not much happening, didn't get any sewing done afterall. Sat on me butt and watched some telly. It's so hot now. Add to the day's heat my very own HOT FLUSHES and you have.. misery. Going to bed now... to let the mozzies eat me cos I throw the blanket off cos I'm so HOT! Grrrrrrr. nite nite.


  1. Yum!! Now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot.

  2. Your posts about what you've cooked always make my mouth water, it always sounds so good. Just two of us here these days so I don't do much cooking. Good luck getting through those 28 sleeps, and even more getting through the days in between them.

  3. Thanks for the mint sauce tips, will try and find something similar over here and have a go. Will let you know. Some parts of Uk have minus 20c this morning - brr!

  4. Kebabs sound great. Happy birthday Stew!


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