Sunday, January 17, 2010


Normally I would be looking forward to having a nice lunch out.. and to celebrate a party no less.

But it's for Stew's Step-Mother... and she is 90. A grand age to get to... but well to be honest I have never really got on with her... so we are going cos we kinda HAVE TO. Not nice ... but there ya have it. I hope the lunch is yummy if nothing else.

And they better have a cake... cos Brylee and Griffin expect a cake...!

Apart from that, the day is ours, to do what we want.

THERE WAS NO CAKE. Apart from that, surprisingly it was a nice lunch and get together with quite a few of Stew's relatives and a few of hers'. The kids enjoyed it too, even minus the cake.

ABOVE: The Birthday Girl.. looking good for 90 if ya ask me.

ABOVE: A toast to the old girl!... after lunch we took a drive up One Tree Hill... which is an Auckland iconic 'must go see' place. It affords amazing views over the entire city.

ABOVE: in the harbour, a 'Big Ship' sailing into Auckland.

ABOVE: 'The STUMP' that WAS the one tree on top of the hill.. hence the name 'One Tree Hill'.... but some Maori activist ARESHOLE sawed it down a few years ago. So sad.

*sigh*.. now home chilling out... it was friggin HOT out there today... but now it's clouded over and we are in for some rain by the look of it. LOVELY. Good for the gardens and lawns, which are parched.

End of Day: in all it's been a nice day! I intend showing you Teddy's 'haircut' tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. Grit your teeth then fake a headache as soon as you can (school holidays can be sooo stressful you know :-)).

  2. I was living in Auckland the day the tree came down. It was a very sad day for Auckland to lose such a beatuiful landmark.


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