Monday, January 18, 2010


Well.. all I can say in my defense is: He's cooler now! He was so hot with all his hair... really hot.... so I just lightened the load I did!

And in a few weeks he can be groomed 'professionally' again... and ya won't be able to tell I did it!

Today: sleep in? Maybe. Kayaking? Maybe. All depends on the weather.

So.... wait and see!
OK.. in case you haven't noticed. I have taken a break from reading/commenting on blogs. Stew is home on holidays for only 2 weeks, and I am making the most of it. I am trying to not feel guilty. I will be back to visit you all soon. PROMISE!
End of Day: Amanda and Andrew are safely back... I'm cooking me favourite dinner (chicken)... and expect to spend a lovely evening with Stew, Amanda and Andrew. nite nite.


  1. Teddy looks way better than I thought he would from the way you had described his haircut. I guess a cute dog is a cute dog no matter who his hairdresser is.

  2. Aaaaw Chris, He still looks cute!

  3. Teddy, I know your embarrassed, but it will grow back !!

  4. Teddy looks cute!! Great idea spending time with Family!!

  5. You should see how I butchered my son's hair!

  6. Anonymous6:54 PM

    OMG Teddy - but you still look adorable and at least you are cooler.


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