Monday, January 25, 2010


Well it has worked for Stew, he's lost quite a lot of weight over the past year... just by cutting right down on his carb intake.
I have watched him... but not done the same.
My head was in the wrong space to really give a shit.

Now... I give a shit. I have steadily gained weight for the past 3 years... to the point where I now hate myself again... and all the problems I had when I was really overweight are creeping back ... sore knees, feeling sluggish, depressed.

It can't go on.

So.... low carbs, here I come!

And I have gone PUBLIC again cos I need all the support I can get! Being private was a pain in the butt! I lost masses of readers, I didn't like having to do two blogs! It was soooo time consuming! NOW... I'm back in the public arena.... and while it means some people who I would rather NOT have read my blog can again.... I am over it.

Today: well I think we are going to the Zoo! It is supposed to rain from tomorrow on... so if we are going to do it, best be today!
Just have to wait until Stew gets outta bed..... it's his turn for a sleep in!

ABOVE: wearing Steve's old singlet.... HERO WORSHIP still goes on!

BLONDIE (Who isn't blonde!): Kumera (sweet potoatoe) is IKKK, IKKK, TRIPLE IKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! So there. lol

Back from the zoo, which was lovely, but very, very hot. Next time we go it is gunna be winter! So many of the animals were just lying there not moving, they were so hot.

The lion came right up to the viewing window! Huge bugger he was...HUGE!

Cute little Meerkat.... we saw and took photos of much more.. but Blogger tells me I've exceeded my quota of photos! Must find out what that means!

ONWARD.... kids are in the pool now.. cooling off.

End of Day: a really hot, sticky day! Dinner was a healthy coleslaw and low-fat lamb rissoles, kids had potatoes too. Brylee has gone to bed really early with a bad headache, no doubt brought on from the heat. And no doubt she will vomit soon.... OH JOY! nite nite.


  1. I am also trying to get back into the low carbs again..... was going to cut carbs out completely after 3pm but for now think that will be to hard so will have a small amount of potato or brown rice or something at night with dinner.

  2. Good girl!! If you can get to see the "Fat Head" documentary/movie on Sky (it shows from time to time) then see it. It is amazing in how it explains about why our body puts on weight. I still have it here on my recorder but can't copy it unfortunately.

  3. lee-Anne L8:14 AM

    This weight stuff just goes on and on..I lost weight so I could have my op for my new breast and now 4 months later put it back on..yes I think no carbs helps so so much. I will go back to my drink for breakfast it help me lots but I love food.....dammm Just A meal at a time then a day at a are strong Chris....together we can all do this

  4. Well at least you will be now accountable TO EVERYONE who is reading this and wishing you all the support, when the kids go back to school hit the streets walking and kick start it along.

  5. Oh and isnt baked kumara better for us at night time ? instead of pasta, potatoes or rice?

  6. My weight has been about the same for the last couple of years...but it is way over what it should be!

  7. Have fun at the Zoo, my Mum in law gives the kids money every Christmas and we use some of it to get annual Zoo & MOTAT passes. MOTAT is great cos they always have something different in the school holidays.

    I think I might have to look at the low carb option, it seems to be working well for a few people. I will have to find some more info about it all though.

    Have a great day.

  8. I know cutting carbs would be good for me. I am on vacation now, so it is not going to happen in the next few days at least. Good luck on sticking to your resolve. We will be reading to se how it is going.

  9. you can do this Chris, you're one of the strongest women I know ... one meal, one day at a time.. that's all it takes.. :)

    Oh, beer battered wedges are made by McCain and they're beautiful :) light and calorie friendly too

    Anne :)

  10. You are not alone ! I understand only too well. If Stew is doing low carbs then doing it together and supporting each other should be some help. I understand how gaining some weight the old issues arise, especially the depression. Put a line in the sand and just start from now

  11. Kumara agree YUKKKKKKKKKKK

  12. Yay Chris, you're back! I've been a long time lurker, and it has made my day to see you back public!

  13. You have my completel support and freindship. I will do the same low carb with you sweet pea. Maybe we can encourage each other..xoxo..

  14. I don't think i could do the no carb thing, as i really like them. Good luck with it :o)
    Kumera is one of my fav veges!!

  15. Long time no chat - sick husband (the worst patient) and sick mom.
    I'm diabetic so low carb is my norm. I'm also trying to lose 25 - 30lbs (lost 8 lbs so far) so right now, almost no carbs. First few days were tough, after that I don't miss South Beach Diet, get recipes online. Easy to do, always feel full and can eat out and still stay on track. No counting anything. Wishing you the very best, I'll be losing right along with you...and I'll let you know how I'm doing.

  16. Good for you Chris. Isn't it funny how we have all the want in the world to lose weight, but we can't do it until our head is in the right space! I'm cutting carbs too, as eating less carbs makes my Lupus much better. It's true - fruit, veges and meat are far better for you than grains and processed food.......

  17. OMG I thought you had disappeared!! Glad to see you've gone public again. I think it really helps your head space.

    I must say I went back to WW partly cos of your enthusiasm last year. The carb thing? I think we confuse good carbs and bad carbs. Cutting out the processed crap has to be good. But don't go too low on the fresh unprocessed ones like fruit and veg. I remember the old WW program (yes, I've been around THAT long!) where you were allowed so many serves of food groups a day. Like 3 serves of bread/pasta/potato, so many serves of protein and so on. It was way more restrictive ins some ways but it worked and there was far less room for creative manipulation!!

    I've done Atkins, Tony Ferguson, South Beach Diet ... great losses up front but soooo hard to maintain.

    As long as your head is in the right place you will succeed at whatever program you prefer. The head space is the most important ingredient in weight loss.

    *hopping off soap box*

  18. Chris,
    Honey - I think you have a complete "army" of all of us rooting for you because if you are successful it makes all of us happy. It is amazing what goes on with our food supply that we don't even know about. Who would have thought that we should grow up and be a rocket scientist just to fix your meals! One time I was reading about how some ??? food and how they put chemicals in it to make us WANT to eat more! I was so mad at them !

    Last summer I dropped 20 pounds just by Walking with DH and I was thrilled and then in October his deer season came in & I lost him to the hunting. So, from October to now I have gained back 10 pounds already.

    Hahahaha- one theory that I read said that the more knowledge a woman learns - the larger she grows! LOL

    And I forgot which country I saw the other day that the larger a woman is -the more desirable she becomes! How about that gals - we are all DIVAS!

    Forgive me for taking your time - last comment! One time a few years back I met a really wonderful lady and she was a Large size lady who did not like herself. So , she joined ???? what-ever and over time she lost all of the extra weight . But when I saw her again - I could not believe she was the same lady. She looked like a million bucks - but all of her "fire and spirit " was gone - she did not laugh anymore and it was soooooo sad - I almost felt like it was a death - I really missed the jolly person that she had been. I know a lot of us put on a front but are so unhappy inside.

    OK - OK - I said I would shut up! `smile~

  19. up and down is how my weight is with up being NOW ...We can do it!!! Love your Zoo pictures!! and glad you are public again!!

    Lifting the weights off the floor is when you straighten your legs. If your arms are the right length (!) the weights (I used 2 x 5kg dumbbells) should be just below hip level. I then turn my elbows out and lift the weights to my shoulders with my hands on the top.

    It's really hard to describe without pictures!!

  21. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I know you can do this Chris - i find you very inspiring.

    The head controls everything and more importantly - if mum is not happy - no one is


  22. Hey chick!! Good to see you have gone public again! Bummer to hear you are struggling with the weightloss still... what happened to the Chris that was a total powerhouse.. always heading to the gym..always happy and going somewhere!! Come on Chris... You know first hand how to do it... lets just do it! I am back on the wagon... time to get our hawt lookin bodies back!

  23. Hey Chris... did you know that low fat is a crock? Just because you give up carbs does not mean you have to go low fat. Go and read the Fathead website...

    You really need to come and watch that movie, seriously your thinking would change :)

  24. you can do this girl and as said above doing i alongside Stew will mean u can prop each other up in the tough times.

    starts with little steps this morning mine made my toast i got caught up on a phone call so no butter on toast for me this morning nice of him to think of me

  25. Wishing you all the best on your new diet. I initially found you as a weight loss website. Sending you lots of strong vibes, you can do it! x

  26. Chris this weight loss journey is the hardest thing I have ever done. You can do this. You need to find the best way for YOU. If you are interested there are quite a few of us on a facebook group that is supporting each other with weekly weigh ins and daily inspiration. I know you aren't that keen on facebook but this is one of the best group of girls I have ever come across.

    Let me know if you want an invite. It is a private group so no-one can come in unless invited.

  27. Chris, you'll notice a difference just lowering your carbs at night (when it's harder to work them off). Sounds like you had a great day at the zoo - now get that motivation back and watch those kilos drop, you can do this and you WILL do it, we'll all be around to kick your butt if you don't.

  28. Hey chickie Babe! I have missed you! So glad that you are back!

  29. I know you can do it! All the best. One step at a time.

  30. HI Chris...
    You go girl you can do this. I'm with you all the way :) Who cares what others think. I know you can do this :)
    Big HUGS

  31. I am so glad I checked back to see if you had gone public again and you had!! yipee!!

    I'm Lyn an expat living in Florida by the way...


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