Monday, January 11, 2010



Too right you can't... my house is SILENT. And if I choose .. it will remain that way ALL DAY!

But of course .. I will no doubt put some music on... while I catch up on all the blogs waiting to be read....

I have been busy on the phone this morning.. and now I have an appointment with WINZ this afternoon to hopefully get funding for Griffin to have Cognitive/Educational Assessments done by a Registered Psychologist.... which is happening next Tuesday! Woo hoo... maybe we will finally get some definitive answers to why he's not learning, and a more focused way forward for him this year? Hell I hope so.

ABOVE: Lamb Shanks and onions... for two! I put them in my big roasting dish first... then had to take them out and put them in one of the cast iron pots (which can go in the oven) cos the big dish was just too big! LOL... I can't imagine having to just cook for two for a LONG time yet... but for these few days I will enjoy it!

I just wasted over an hour at WINZ. But... there may be light at the end of the tunnel.... we are going for a Child Disability Allowance next... on WINZ's recommendation! *sigh*

End of Day: it's been weird having no kids. Kind of feel like I'm in a 'holding pattern' till they come home! nite nite.


  1. That's great you have some time to yourself and time alone with Stew. It helps to have those days to collect one's thoughts - or not have any thoughts! Love the cast iron pot.

  2. oh yum! What else do you put in with the Shanks and onions?

  3. Anonymous12:51 AM

    It looks like good news for Griffin getting the attention from specialists and the education system this year. I hope all keeps going well. The lamb shanks look yum, I'm asking the same as Hazzee what else goes in with them.


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