Saturday, January 30, 2010


ABOVE: I finished the cushion front last night... I was hellfire bent and determined to get it finished, cos it will be a cold day in HELL before I ever knit with that stuff again! It was HORRIBLE. The cushion is going to look and feel lovely though, so it was worth it. ( the back is going to be fabric )

Today? Dunno! But if it's another stinking hot day like yesterday I think we will have to go to the beach. I am feeling crabby from the endless heat.

LYNDA: no, we do not use the Heat Pump as an air conditioner. Why? Because we fling open our doors and windows the minute we get up in the morning, and they stay open literally all day. It would be POINTLESS turning on air conditioning and having all the doors/windows open too!

My Bags: one has sold at my SIL's gallery. She is only open 3 days a week, and has been closed quite a bit too while she's been away. So I am not making my fortune that way! LOL

ONWARD.... and our plans for the day have evolved... lunch at home then later on we shall go to the beach for a swim and dinner. The tides are crap at midday, so no point going down till much later in the day.

ABOVE: I just listed our Baby Gym on Trademe... our kids have finally outgrown it, and we are sick of it taking up precious lawn room. So off it goes hopefully! I have listed it at a very fair price too... I am gobsmacked at what other people are asking for the exact same thing.. in most cases they are asking MORE than the NEW price! *shaking me head*..

I have been doing a bit of sewing this morning too.. making a curtain to put on the bookcase in my room to match the new bedding (when I get it!).

End of Day.. and luckily no plans are set in concrete when on holiday! We have not gone to the beach at all! It clouded over this afternoon.. how typical! Anyway, all's good. I have done a bit of sewing, will show ya tomorrow. For now.. it's dinnertime and Stew wants to get Pizza. Hmmmm. There goes low carbs for today! nite nite.


  1. OK so now I know :) Just remember that if you do shut the doors on the really bad days, that air conditioning is a life saver.

  2. Enjoy your weekend:-)

    Love the cushion and LOVE the lighthouse picture!

  3. the stripes look reall good I have knitted myself a couple of scarves with the same type of yarn and I agree it is not pleasant to knit with but feels good when up against ya skin

  4. the cushion is the coolest!! Looks even better in real life! Michael dragged me out bushwalking last night so had to walk twice in one day! What's with that?? lol ... the universe is forcing me to get fit??

  5. ohhhhhhhhhh the cover looks lovely and I bet it is soft? I am sunbathing SURPRISR SURPRISE and gardening!!! Have a lovely day

  6. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Congrats on your bag selling,I know you hummed and arhed over the price.

    Love the cushion,

    When it gets hot here - the windows are closed and the a/c is on all day


  7. I can't believe you were knitting in the heat, that's just weird lol

  8. Cushion will be lovely when it's made up. Red corduroy would look great on the back!

    Some friends have a point - when it's hot close the doors and turn on the air co. You paid for it, you might as well use it... It makes a world of difference to be able to relax in the cool. Ours will go on later - supposed to get to 37 today!

    Good luck!


  9. Send some of that warmth over here. We are currently getting 14" of snow and it's in the 20s here..ugh. Love the pillow. You should consider making more and selling them. I know I would buy one. It's beautiful.

  10. Bugga having the doors and windows open on really hot days..i would have the air con cranked up!!! Much nicer and more bareable..
    Hope it cools down just a wee bit for you soon..
    we are having a few hot ones too at the mo.. but I havent got air con... Sigh..

  11. The cushion is going to be beautiful even if it was a bit of a pain to knit!

    I just caught up on some of your blogs - the lighthouse picture is great and goes so well with the new duvet and the picture!~

  12. Fabric on the back of the cushion - NO FAIR!!!!!!!!! LOL I tried crocheting with that yarn and it is "Horrendous" !!!!!!!!! I toughed it out long enough to make 6 scarfs and that was it. I still have a pack of it that I just keep to "Touch"! LOL

    How wonderful that you sold one of your purses! They have all been so beautiful and you had to "START" somehere making your "fortune"! LOL

  13. Love the cushion, can't wait to see it all together

  14. Love the cushion cover and lighthouse picture!!!
    And pity you are so far away re the toddler playgym, as we would loved to have got something like that for Rachel so off to Trademe I go to search for local ones!

  15. Hope you enjoyed your pizza!

  16. Oii. The baby gym. Get back to me I'm interested. Or email me your trademe details.

  17. Hey, you're back! You "went private" a few months back and I stopped reading. Just happened to search and found you today. And you're knitting! Looks like I've miss a lot...

  18. Anonymous5:09 AM

    No Pizza...bad, bad Stew, that's not helping! Tell him I said so! Let him eat pizza by himself and you eat something tasty and satisfying in another room, with a good magazine to keep you company or finger foods and get a little sewing done. I'm a little upset with him for his sabotage efforts when you are doing so well and are so motivated. 50 lashes with the preverbial wet noodle...or pizza crust!
    I knew those purses would sell, they are so cute, fresh and summery (is that a word?) looking. Your SIL (?) must be very happy that you have added to the caliber of her store stock. the red, white and blue (go figure:) bedroom linens and the lighthouse. Doom and gloomy weather today which means I'm going to work - so, I'm going to Disney World tomorrow with the Moose and Goose, should be lovely with a jacket.
    Penny Richardson

  19. I love the cushion front, so cute and I bet it's super soft!

    I can imagine that the fluffy 'wool' was hard to deal with! Probably slippery since it's Polyester.

  20. Hey there Chris! I'm trying to catch up on some blogs this morning while scarfing down some breakfast before work! Hope all is going well, will finish catching up after work today:)


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