Friday, January 08, 2010


Yeah, yeah... and OK.. maybe he isn't young enough to be me 'Toy Boy'... but he is younger than Me by 2 years, 2 months and two weeks!

So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stewy... WE all loves ya! Me in particular.

As per... I don't have any plans for today.... just going to go get a Birthday Cake for his nibs... The kids EXPECT one.... and there is no way in hell I'm gunna bake one! Just ain't gunna happen... lol.

We got a cake. And it rained. Pfffffft. The washing is still out on the line, now wet again.
Reading blogs. Got my headphones on listening to me songs on ITunes.. can't hear the kids. YAAAA.
Pfffffft! Darn sun came out again and made it hot and MUGGY... so I lay on the couch and had a nap... well not really... Teddy licked me toes and Brylee and Griffin made lots of noise .. so I just lay there for a while.... Then Stewy came home early... I've put dinner in the oven (Chicken pieces)... *sigh*.... don't feel like doing much at all.
End of Day: it's been a totally so-so day today. nite nite.


  1. Give the birthday boy a big hug from the USA....and a big piece of cake...and a present....and a good dinner...and anything else he wants :)

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Stewy, happy birthday to you....
    And many more!
    Hope it's a great one!

  3. Happy Birthday Stew. Have a fantastic day.

  4. happy birthday Stew..enjoy your cake and save me a piece..xoxo

  5. Happy birthday to your young man. I agree with the kids, you HAVE to have a cake.

  6. Sounds like your day is going great!!

  7. It's Happy Birthday Time! It only rolls around once a year - so I hope you both got to enjoy it. ! !! Be sure to remember that he is not getting older -but he is getting better with each birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday from me to Stew as well. Pity about it being muggy - that is one thing about Auckland I do not miss.

  9. Anonymous3:57 AM

    A bit late, but a big Happy Birthday to Stew!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

  10. Jason is only 9 months younger than me and I call him my Toyboy too. Just to remind him who is boss.


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