Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Stew is outside cooking rissoles on the BBQ.... and I glance out the kitchen window to see this:

I'm like ... "Ummmm, just what do you think you are doing?".... as I watch my 8 year old scull beer! With his LOVING Dad standing there watching him with a smile on his face!

Stew said: "He's only having that one sip"... SIP MY ARSE! That boy can drink half that bottle in one go! Luckily it was low cal, low alcohol beer is about all I can say!

BLOODY MEN! pfffffft.

So what's the haps today? Not a lot I reckon. We are both feeling very tired from keeping the kids entertained, and the heat is draining. Might just be a quiet day at home.


What the hell was I thinking? A QUIET Day? In my dreams. The kids have started to argue and pick on each other... a sure sign it's time for the visitors to go home. So it's arranged. Stew takes all the kids to Whitianga tomorrow... drops off Joshua and Damien, and comes home.

I meanwhile, have an appointment at the hospital for x-rays on my knees tomorrow. They are painful... especially on stairs and hilly ground. No doubt due to weight. Most of my ailments are.

It's mid-afternoon now and I have done virtually NOTHING all day! Just feel ugggh! Not sure why, maybe it's the low carb diet kicking in?

End of Day: got a bit done late afternoon/early evening, just fluffing around the house, de-cluttered my bedroom... you know... just doing 'stuff'. Stew (the Darling) has gotten all the kids bathed and into bed... so now we can relax for an hour before it's our bedtime. nite nite.


  1. God Dam that was funny WHEN my son was 8 months old HIS GREAT GRANDAD gave him a sip out of his little 8oz glass!!! WELL my son WHOM had just learnt to hold and drink out of a cup DIDNT LET IT GO and drunk HALF the glass he had 4 TEETH and the glass was ACTUAL GLASS GREAT GRANDAD was yelling "Sharon Sharon" we had to wait fot the LITTLE MONKEY to let go of glass as we didint want him to bite down on the GLASS in excitement or frustration OH BOY was his Great Granddad in trouble!!! HE SAYS "Oh I did it to all you KIDS too" BUT NO ONE drunk as much as MY SON!!!!

  2. My dad gave me a glass of beer too, let me take a swig of whiskey, and well, let me try them and I landed up hating them...I guess that was his intention.LOL

  3. Yep well also guilty here - have a wee four year old girl that loves to have "sips" as well... trouble is she wanders off skulling all the last bits out of the bottom of the bottles... must be from her Dad's side aye!?!

    Hope to get in touch one day soon - work has been absolute MADNESS since coming back this year... maybe when your kids are back at school and work has settled we might meet for lunch!!!


  4. I have memories of my kids getting a taste when they were still in diapers! But this is hilarious! Better keep an eye on both those boys (the little one AND the big one)!

    Please send some of your heat this way......

  5. Right of passage I guess! My dad did that with my brothers too.

  6. I thinks sips of my dad's martini's when I was about that age kept me from being much of a drinker....but it looks like Griffin liked what he was tasting. So funny!

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Men - what can you say!!. They all act like little boys when they think no one is looking.

    BTW - DH performed this right of passage around the same ages to my boys


  8. Might just be a quiet day at home.

    LOL - ARE YOU SURE That is Possible with children in the house??? lol ! !!!

  9. You think that's bad! My sister's dad gave her beer in a bottle when she was a baby. :P

  10. I tried beer in college, but I never acquired the taste for it. Maybe there's something wrong with me.

  11. Griffin looks like he's enjoying that beer!

    I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow and that you enjoy a quiet day.

  12. Hope you get your peaceful house back soon. Good luck with the x-rays.

  13. Hi. sorry about my tardy reply. I'm catching up on some reading today and your Blog is top o' the list.

    I'll email our phone and you can text me. Then maybe we can meet for coffee. Sorry to miss you during the hols but guess you'll be back. I tell you it was so good not to be working this summer. The Whitianga New World SuperMarket apparently topped New World sales in all of NZ over the peak 3 weeks.

  14. LOVE the photo capture... HUGS.


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