Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Last night, just as we were heading out the door to the beach for a swim and dinner, who should come calling? Lynn and Michael! Lynn has been an on/off blogger for YEARS like me, and has promised to START again soon! She lives not too far from me, NOT that I have seen much of her! She's been too BUSY with work (cough, cough, yeah right!)... more like she's been too 'busy' getting loved up with Michael! LOL

Anyway, seems they might be moving really close to me, so that will be wonderful. She seems to think we can go walking together .... hopefully that will happen. It's so much nicer walking with a buddy!

What else? Well the new Cross Trainer is ready and waiting for me... so I might just go down to the garage and give it a go shortly!


Righty HO! There is going to be a BLOGGER MEET ! AND No, it won't be boring, just loved the picture! lol

Where: The Base, Hamilton

When: tentative date(s) 13th or 20th of February

Time: 11.30am till you run outta money!

Why: Lunch, shopping and a YAK.

So, if you are interested please get back to me with a 'yes' or 'no' and what day suits you best. I will figure out the date most suitable for the majority and confirm it here asap.
Been grocery shopping , kids and I had a splash in the pool... lay in the sun for a wee while and now... I've just put a leg of lamb in the oven, with onions and thick Mint Sauce.... my mouth is watering just thinking about it! With peas and brussell sprouts! YUM YUM YUM!
End of Day: dinner was lovely! The Cross Trainer was MURDER.. but I did it! And I also got on the exercycle.... and I intend to do it again tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. FUN!!!!!!!!!!

    It would only take me about 48 hours of flying to get there, right?!?!? ;-)

  2. Oh what a great idea wish i didnt live in the south island :)

  3. I love love love the pic of you on the beach. I am envious. :-) Thanks for letting me in to read.

  4. ok, but i think it will be a long drive. Sounds like fun though..keep us posted on how it goes.

  5. How do you do your mint sauce Chris, is it from a bottle and you just tip it over?

  6. Unfortunately it is just too far for me to come up Chris, but hopefully I can catch you next time you make it back to Palmy.

  7. Would love to be at the blogger meet, but Brisbane is a bit far away!!! Oh and I'd be on your doorstep for that lamb roast if I lived closer!!! Ha Sounds like your having a great day Chris, how was the cross trainer?

  8. Yes do tell about the mint sauce and what you actually do with it!
    Wish I could pop over from the UK for the Meet, maybe if I win the Lotto x


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