Friday, January 01, 2010


I will update.. BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.

I'm asleep.
I hope.
I posted this last night at 12.42am..... and scheduled it to publish this morning.... hopefully it worked.

Cos right now.... I is tired.

We went down to the waterfront last night to watch the fireworks on the Sky Tower. It was lovely.
And cold.

That's it for now.... back later when I'm awake....

I am awake! We slept in until (OMG!) 10 am!!!! The kids got up a bit earlier and kept themselves quiet down in the lounge! They deserve a REWARD for that!!! Hmmmm.... must ponder what.

I have a new determination this year... NOT a resolution... to shift a few kilos.... it's doing my head in that every year since I lost 61 kilos I have gained about 7 kilos! This last year I didn't... but I do want to lose it again so much. So... I am determined to make this the year I do it and KEEP IT OFF for good.

It is a beautiful day out there... and I am going to make the most of it... starting with a healthy brunch... banana smoothie I think!
Banana Smoothie... was bloody awful! Won't be doing THAT again! After lunch we decided to go over to Devonport, on the North Shore of Auckland...
It was absolutely beautiful! Such a gorgeous day, gorgeous views... it was nice.
Came home and the kids had a swim then dinner... chicken and rice. NICE.
Griffin spoilt the evening by being a rotten little shit.. packing wobblies left, right and centre... got himself sent to bed early. I think he's just over tired... and doesn't know how to control his temper! Bloody boys! ........ What am I saying? Girls are just as bad! AND I should bloody know, having raised 4 of each! Pfffffffft.
End of Day: we are going to bed early! So tired, need an early night. nite nite.
P.S. I'm taking a small break from reading blogs... just a few days to chill with the family and not spend quite so much time on the computer!


  1. Happy New Year!! We'll hope to make this year a good one... will be in touch soon.

  2. Happy New Year and have a blessed 2010 to you and yours! It has been so nice getting to know you, and hope your New Year brings you much happiness!

  3. Wishing you a healthy happy and prosperous 2010, from us back here in 2009 (for the next few hours!)

  4. Good luck on the goals and smart to keep it in the doable range. I think we sometimes set unrealistic goals that are doomed to fail, or I know I do. Hang on to that determination and you will reach and exceed them. Happy New Year to you!

  5. Happy new year Chris! Sounds like you had a fun night - and a sleep in?! Woohoo!! I meant I was organised and sent my cards days BEFORE Christmas! Which is great for me! :) hope you got yours!

  6. I have got to lose this weight I have gain!! Good luck to us both!! We can do it!!


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