Friday, January 22, 2010


ABOVE: Amanda... just before she left yesterday... trying to sneak Teddy out in her bag! Ha! Never going to happen.

ABOVE: mid-upheaval! I only wanted to move the Queen size bed into Griffin's room (his room is the biggest of the kids rooms).. and put his bed in the spare room. Didn't happen quite like that. Stew decided Brylee should get Griffin's 'old' King Single bed and we should put two smaller single beds in the spare bedroom... turned out to be an EXCELLENT IDEA! Now we have a spare bedroom with TWO beds in it... just in time for when we have our Grandson Joshua and his brother Damien this weekend.

ABOVE: the spare bedroom.. it fits two single beds SOOOOOO much better than a Queen bed. I am bloody wrapt with it.

ABOVE: Griffin's room now. He has to vacate it when we get couples to stay! He doesn't mind, which is good.

ABOVE: Brylee's room.. no change really, except her bed is bigger.

Let me tell you.. it was a huge job moving all those beds, remaking them etc in this stinking sauna we call 'summer' right now! I was knackered!
That's why today is going to be QUIET! I only have to take Brylee to the Orthodontist at mid-day ... that's it! Maybe I will get to read some blogs today?
Quiet day! We did a grocery shop.. have watched some telly, watched the day go from warm and sunny to pissing down with rain ALL DAY long! It is so unpredictable today!
And I see no one has missed me popping by their blogs! WOW. I shall delete all 497 unread updates on me Google reader then!
End of Day: really, quite boring! Spent the evening playing poker with Stew (no fun with only two I might add).. then we watched Amercian Idol.. very entertaining. nite nite.


  1. I would try and sneak out Teddy as well, that dog is far too cute for his own good.

  2. The weather is hopeless at the moment isn't it? Twice the kids have had come running back from the park because it started to rain - we even managed a 2 hour power cut this morning just for good measure.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Rooms look great Chris, i love giving everything a fresh look!

  4. I miss you Chris! (Not that I've been updating much, myself) Sounds like you are having a lovely holiday. Your new room arrangements look great. I only wish I could see the beds in my children's rooms.

  5. The kids rooms are so did you get them to do that? I guessing you did it between rounds of poker.


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