Saturday, January 09, 2010


ABOVE: Stew blowing out his candles. YOu know, for the amount of money that friggin cake cost.... it was TASTELESS and a huge disappointment... and I reckon in future I might just have a go at making my own. If I'm gunna eat so many calories they might as well be TASTY eh?

Today: we shall go to the mall no doubt... Stew has a gift voucher for some new jeans from me.... so that will be fun.

Also, there is a shit load of washing to be done... I seem to 'save' it up till the weekends nowdays! Might have something to do with having Stew home to help me hang it all out eh? lol

ONWARD.... Went to Sylvia Park to get Stew his new jeans.... and saw this House Bus:

Griffin started asking Stew questions about it.. so we walked over to it and were looking at it... and the lady came out and invited us inside for a look-see! Such a lovely lady, and her husband came back from the shops and they wanted us to stay for a cup of coffee... We didn't stay as we had stuff to do.. but they were such nice people! You can't see it in the photo, but they are towing a small 4x4 vehicle as well.... and their bus was BRAND NEW and totally gorgeous inside.

This is the sort of thing Stew and I would love to do one day. When we don't have kids. *sigh*.... wonder if THAT will ever happen???

End of Day: spent the afternoon doing the housework, catching up on all the washing, lawns etc. Feels good to have it all done. nite nite.


  1. I'm sorry that the cake sucked..what a huge disappointment...hope Stew had a good birthday anyway.

  2. Hi Chris and Happy Birthday to Stew. I have two other friends with birthdays on the 8th of Jan so have decided really nice people must be born on that day!

    It's bloody annoying when you shell out money for something that would be better if you made it yourself. I feel that way about coffee . . . so often the coffee I have out is not as good as what I make at home and then I feel ripped off.

    When next you need a birthday cake, try this recipe for mud cake. I like to cook, but try to get maximum effect for minimum effort. Have never been fantastic at chocolate cake, always turns out a bit dry. Then I got this recipe from a friend of my mum's who is a chef. Dead EASY! Just be wary not to over cook it. It still seems a little underdone when it's actually ready. But warning MEGA MEGA Points, so only for special occasions!

  3. The cake LOOKED amazing...too bad it didn't taste as good as it looked. The look on Stew's face in the last pic seems to say he's not too sure about it.

  4. Happy birthday Stew! Hold on to those dreams Chris - they will come true eventually!

  5. hope dad had a bood day, and hope he found sone jeans, for a cake that looked that good i wound complain,

    Lots of love

    Daughter #3

  6. Happy belated birthday to Stew! Sorry about the cake. Sounds like something I would make, but no one would actually give me money for one of my cakes.


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