Sunday, September 27, 2009


We are off to Whitianga today... just there and back in one day.
We are going to pick up a chest freezer and a coffee table from one of the beach houses my Mum owns.

I really need the chest freezer, I just don't have enough freezer room for all the stuff I want to store.
This summer I want to grow MASSES of tomatoes and free-flow freeze them to use all year round in soups/casseroles etc.

So, it will be a long day for sure... hopefully the weather is OK, and the kids are not too bored in the car! I tried to get them babysat, but it was a last minute decision for me to go too... and I couldn't get a sitter... OH WELL.

All going well I will be back later tonight with some photos of our day!

We got up nice and early and left Auckland at 8am... got to Whitianga around 10.15 and proceeded to load up the trailer:

ABOVE: all packed up and ready to go by 11.45 am....
ABOVE: A little map for you to get an idea where I'm talking about!

ABOVE: this is the last view of Whitianga as we leave....

ABOVE AND BELOW: Views from the top of the Whitianga to Tairua road...

ABOVE: first glimpse of Tairua....

ABOVE: just before getting into Tairua, a very popular stopping place... where you can view the 'Twin Kauri's'.... very special Native Trees... which can live for centuries and grow ENORMOUS. There's not many left.
ABOVE: Tairua Harbour / harbour mouth...

ABOVE: I Love these hills at Hikuai.....

ABOVE: Starting to head down, then up and over the Kopu-Hikuai Hills.... I first went over these hills about 35 years ago when this road first opened!

ABOVE: still on the hills... and you can see on the left the Coromandel clay these hills are made of... when it rains a lot there are always lots of slips and the road can be covered in clay and trees. Actually, it happens A LOT!

Once we got over the hills we detoured into Thames for a late lunch then came home. I will show you what we brought back with us tomorrow, there's quite enough photos on for today!

End of Day: it's been a nice day actually... the kids were FINE... no trouble at all considering how long they had to sit in the car! We were amazed! Going to have a quiet evening now... quite tired! nite nite.


  1. Enjoy the day Chris:-) I'm sure the kids will like the trip. Planning to grow heaps of tomatoes here as well.

  2. Chris, honey - I love your blog - please do not give it up. I know it can be a bother and an inconvenience - but making friends is a wonderful thing. One friend cannot fullfill a person all the time because we are all human-but a variety of friends can appreciate what you are going through for different reasons - and You never know when You life somebody else up out of their own "muck". You are so talented and I think we all love you for different reasons - but you are important to us all.

    I loved the part about the batik fabric - you mentioned an auction and I wondered If it was E-bay?
    Wasn't it wonderful to have a friend pull that off for you -see how important you are?

    I am so sorry about your brothers - I can understand your pain and heartache - that just shows how special you are inside. Your life that you live is a tribute to them and I know they are sending you love from the other side.

    I had to laugh when you mentioned it worried you because your young son is too much like you - moving furniture and shopping! The reason I laughed was that my youngest son was that way too and he is recently married this month and his young wife told me that he drives her Nuts - because he takes his time shopping -while she is one of those that runs in -grabs what she wants - so he does drive her nuts. lol That's ok - he will Always be my baby - as well as my older son who is 10 years older than the youngest. I tell them - no matter how old they get they will ALways be my babies. ~smile~

  3. I would have watched them for you!!!!!!!!!.

    Daughter #3

  4. What do you mean by "free flow freezing"? Oh, sorry I haven't been about for a while....the move and new job have slowed my blogging down a bit!!

  5. Ooh, that is very pretty scenery. I'm glad the kids were good. :]

  6. I love that you showed us the map. I would love to get to visit some of the places you should in you pictures...very beautiful.
    Glad the kids were so good.

  7. it is a lovely drive through there. When we stayed at Puka Park resort we had to drive into Tairua to do any shopping. It is very pretty.

    good the kids were okay too. And good you found a vet your like. thats great news for Teddy!


  8. you live in beautiful country......I would love some of that green...........instead of this HOT SCORCHED DESERT.....I so enjoy reading about your's just my life has gotten soooo dang busy working these three jobs and I am tired...that comes from being toooooo FAT I am sure....but I miss blogging everyday....I miss you my friend....


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