Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It will be a quiet day at home today I think.

Read a book

That's about it.... couldn't get much more boring than that eh?

If I drive myself nuts with boredom I will go down to the mall and buy grandson Joel's Birthday Present... he's almost 5 and we are going to his birthday this coming weekend in Hamilton.

ABOVE: One of the quilts I saw in the Hamilton Fair... it's gorgeous and something to aspire to.... and it filled a gap in today's post! lol

ONWARD.... It will be many years before I can make anything quite as gorgeous and PERFECT as that quilt above!

Until then....I will give you a sneak peek at what I am working on right now: Ha ha ha! That's all ya get to see .....

I went to the supermarket to buy Peanut Butter... and some A#$EHOLE stole my mobile phone from my handbag while my back was turned!!! I am livid. And cross with myself for turning my back on my handbag! What a twit. Live and learn.

Stew 'wondered' aloud the other day how a meatloaf would go in the new cast iron roasting dish.... I took that as a pretty broad hint that he wanted meatloaf:

So, there ya go Darling... MEATLOAF in the new roasting dish... all ready to go in the oven. And those tomatoes are the last from my garden that I froze last summer! I can't wait to plant more ....

End of Day: I've had a whale of a time tonight... sewing... mucking around with the design of my next project... it's really just a 'try this and that out' project! But I am hoping it will turn out OK, so I can give it to another of me kids for Xmas! Off to bed now with the man .. who has the cold... and will no doubt SNORE all night ... oh Yaaaa. nite nite.


  1. Love the quilt..... boring right now sounds good, this friggin house selling is starting to get to me and it is not even on the market.....

  2. Hi girl, yes I loved that one too. I'm back home but tired. Will catch up soon.

  3. ♥ the quilt and I'm sure you could whip one up equally as gorgeous.....I am looking forward to a day where I can just sit and feel bored....TIRED OF GOING AND GOING....

  4. one day you too can have a spot in the fair with all your lovely quilts on display... you are so clever (sigh) :)

  5. Glad to hear it's a lovely day in NZ. Hope you have a happier one today. Love that quilt too.

  6. You know, I have never been crafty in a crafty sort of way. I am arty, used to be very arty but not crafty, but you have inspired me and I keep walking past my local Quilters Quarters looking for a notice board or something to advise of a class or something.

    I want to make a quilt for my best friend's baby due in January.

    How hard would a really simple quilt??

  7. Oh yes, you have to be careful! I usually make sure I don't turn my back. One lady got her purse stolen while she was putting the baby in the car. that's low!

    Sorry to hear love, hope you get a good replacement!


  8. The top quilt is amazing!

    And I love the colors on the one you're working on. Can't wait to see all of it.


  9. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Sorry about your phone. Karma will get the evil little F#cker.

    It's a great day here too -go & walk off your anger.........or some of least you can work on your tan......

  10. What a crappy thing to have happen with your cell phone, and such a pain to deal with. We all do that with our purses in the supermarket...a good reminder, but sorry you have to deal with it. I loved the "live and learn", my mother must have said that to me a million times.

  11. Bugger about the phone that would have pissed me of big time.....

  12. Sorry to hear your phone was stolen.

  13. sorry to hear bout the phone :( that truly sucks...

    hey Chris, I know you gave the recipe out before well, I think you did?.. LOL but please can I have the meatloaf recipe?.. pretty please? :)


  14. STOP TEASING!!! Show us more!

    Bugger about the phone. I hope the prick that nicked it falls off the toilet and breaks something and the ambulance has to come and someone phones the newspaper! How cool would it be if there was a feature that let us program the phone to scream "I'VE BEEN STOLEN BY THIS BASTARD!"

  15. I can't believe some dork stole your phone! That would make me mad and wish I had time to turn around and kick him in the nards. Give me a break. I had someone steal my car once. He got my brand new expensive camera also and threw out my son's only baby pictures I had brought with me that day. This was my first born's pictures so I'm sad I lost them.

  16. Mmmmm . . . meatloaf! I adore the stuff but Hubby doesn't like it. Can I come over for dinner?

  17. how was the meatloaf?

  18. Glad to see your mood has improved. You sound very happy with all your projects. Your quilts look great. Meatloaf looks devine.

  19. How did the meatloaf come out? I love meatloaf, it's such a comfort food for me!


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