Wednesday, September 02, 2009


AFTER giving it much consideration, today will be my second and last visit to the Pottery Class.

Since I did pottery years ago the cost of materials has skyrocketed, and I have to think of what I want to spend my money on... patchwork or pottery. I cannot afford both.

So, there ya go, after today, no more potting.

It wasn't a very hard decision... while I love potting, patchwork is my 'thing' now. Time to move on.

I've woken up feeling very 'blah'.... just one of those days you wish you could stay in bed really. AND it's a rather nice looking day out there too... still doesn't do much for my mood.

DAUGHTER No# 3: if you have questions about the family... why the hell don't you just do the NORMAL thing and ring me? I didn't bother publishing your comment.

ABOVE: The gorgeous blue top my girlfriend Chris D sent up for me from Palmerston North yesterday! I'm a spoilt Tart I am!
Yesterday afternoon the urge to go shopping hit... so I went and bought this lovely laundry hamper for my room. Stew put it together in about 5 minutes!
SORRY... I'm totally boring today... done nothing....
End of Day: I've had a totally blah day... felt out of sorts and .... a bit depressed. Try to do better tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Why do people bother to leave comments like that? I had some comments for awhile there to where I had to approve of them first. Especially if it's family. That's annoying.

  2. Hope your day improves, Chris. Great top!

  3. Well bummer I was looking forward to all your "pots" ;o)

  4. I too , hate that you had to choose between the pots and sewing-but I know exactly how you feel. Sure wish we had some "money trees"!!!!

    You blue top is lovely - isn't having friends the greatest!
    Hugs, Linda -The Sewing Granny

  5. Patchwork wins .... hooray!!

    Blue top is lovely. Kids can be a pain.

    Hope that your mood improves and matches the lovely Spring weather.

  6. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Oh i LOVE the hamper! Our house came fully furnished and the hamper was so small I thought it was a rubbish bin at first

  7. Shame it's too expensive. At least you got a bit of a go of it!

    I love that hamper - so cute!

    Hope you're feeling better tomorrow *hugs*

  8. Hope your blues pass quickly. Too bad we can't do everything our hearts desires. I have the exact same fleece top. Take care.


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