Thursday, September 03, 2009


There is no explaining one's mood some days....

I don't have any plans for the day... just the usual...

- Kids to school

- do some housework

- Maybe do some sewing

- Maybe do some exercise

- Maybe go back to bed.

Or hells bells, I might even perk up.... miracles DO HAPPEN.

ABOVE AND BELOW: I made a partition for the new laundry hamper... so HE can put his work shirts in a seperate side... and I don't get frustrated having to sort all the stuff out.No miracles happening YET....

ABOVE: I decided to work on another Wall Hanging for 'someone' for Christmas.... it's keeping me busy..... but have just stopped for lunch.

End of Day: I've kept busy all day doing that wall hanging! Finally got all the material bits on... now just have to pad it out and do the satin stitch all around it! nite nite.

P.S. I really, really LOVE that clown picture (above), it's gorgeous!


  1. **hugs** to you hun. Hope your day improves. I'll check back this evening to see. I'm not normally up at 5.20am - but one of my rug rats woke up... so what better time to check out some blog. I'm off to bed. But I'll be thinking about you today. And looking at your previous post... me thinks "glue fight"!! Boys will be boys! (I'm sure the teacher was impressed!)

  2. Hope your day gets better! We all have days like that ...just crack open a diet coke and put your feet up!

  3. I would love one of those laundry sorters!
    Hope your mood gets better! I do know those days!

  4. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I'm feeling it today, girl...just don't want to go to work and deal with 110 teenage boys! (that's how many I'll teach today)

    Yawn,,,roll on school hols!

  5. I'll drink to a miracle for you... oh, and you have a way better nose than that guy, actually way better all around. We all know what it is to feel like he looks. I hope your day got good.

  6. That is brilliant about the laundry! You are super smart! Way to go! I came over to visit today because I just LOVED your blog name : )

  7. As you know, I had one of those days last week. Hopefully when you wake tomorrow your mood is much better. For today, just do what you love doing and don't worry about trying to all housework etc. Martine

  8. amazing even when you don't feel good the art still flows from you.

  9. Hope you are feeling better! Sounds like you have the winter blues!

  10. Well, I think your day was a success! I adore your divider you made- that is something I have been needing also! Thank you for having a great brain!

    I love, love - your wallhanging you are working on - just the colors make me think of the holidays! Keep up the great work!
    hugs from the sewing granny

  11. I hope your day got better :-)

  12. That wall hanging is just gorgeous :) You are so talented :)
    Big hugs

  13. Oh mum that wall hanging is going to look great and i love the colours!!!

    Daughter #3

  14. Chris you are amazing. Making a partition for your linen bag and How do you get your ideas for the wallhangings. You are so clever with colour. Looking at them lifts ones spirits. I am so tired after work I can't get motivated but I know I'd feel better.. maybe tomorrow.
    PS Tell Stew I got an emailed apology today. Union insisted HR sign it! Took them 2 hours to give me written accusation and 5 weeks to spologise (if that's what you call it). Anyway it's over and I can feel a lot more settled.
    Now to win Lotto!

    Big Hugs Chris. You're going thru heaps at the moment with hot flushes and the other.. I think you are amazing .. so strong.

  15. ((Awww hope you perk up soon.)) Take care tomorrows a new day.

  16. I think the clown looks like Nicolas Cage! :) Very cool!!


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