Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today, before I do anything else.. I will read a few blogs!
I have been very remiss the past few days... and have read virtually none... too busy in me own little world!


After that... we must do some grocery shopping.... and not much else!


Highlight of my day so far: I got the washing out.
Lowlight of the day: It rained on my washing.
Even lower: Teddy snuck into the spare bedroom and raided the washing pile... and chewed up a pair of my lovely knickers. Little shit.

Been out, had lunch, got Griffin two new Playstation games cos he has FINALLY stopped pissing on the floor/toilet seat! That's it.

Now going to read/comment on blogs.... as many as I can before dinner anyway!

ABOVE: the view from my computer desk right now.... where I have been sat for the last 2 hours reading blogs! NASTY. Hope we get a thunder storm, that would be nice.

End of Day: no thunderstorm.. drat! nite nite.


  1. It's better to be out living your life than on the computer blogging about it, posts and comments can wait. Enjoy!

  2. Wat to go Griffin and good for you. Gotta love little boys.

  3. I like the view with the fishes and fence. :]

    Thx for stopping by today!

  4. I love the photo of the clouds. Did you get the storm?

    I don't miss THAT aspect of raising boys! I found wee in some very odd places when they were little. And I didn't dare ask!

  5. Beautiful sky. I should post more photos. The thing is, my blog isn't a daily diary like yours. I post weekly. Hmm, I'm going to have to think about how to insert better -more up to date photos- ciao

  6. I'm making a comment because I see you made one on mine..and I'm one of those "tit for tatters"

    My point is that a blogger would get 'more' comments without the CM from those who don't comment much. I realize it won't affect the 'faithful'.

    I don't think you are a "bad blogger". You are pretty consistant with your blogging and you do a very good job at it...imho

    ok, I'm not going to come back later to see if my comment 'passed the test'. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  7. Jeez, the sky in the last picture looks like it's aching to rain!

  8. you bad? nawh just busy being you.

  9. Life sucks sometimes! Even down to the tiniest things.

    Great view though!!! I like your blog and definitely your profile!!! Glad I found you.

    If you are looking for new blogs to visit - you are welcome on mine!

    I'm a displaced Canadian, living in Ghana, West Africa for the past 13 years... why?! Well it's a long story. You are welcome to visit!

    Holli in Ghana


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