Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, 'Sparkling' asked me yesterday to show my first ever quilt... so I took this photo last night... OK, ok... so the kid is asleep in the bed..... but you can see the quilt! I could have waited till later in the day to take the photo... but I couldn't be arsed waiting.
As you can see, the little shit has been swinging on his curtains...

I'm gunna make Roman Blinds for his room... he will have less chance of killing them (I hope) *sigh*

Patchwork at my 'local' group today. I am soooo tempted to switch to the Papakura group on Tuesdays as well and drop this class..... ummming and ahhhing over this.

I am learning more from the Papakura tutor.

There's quite a few ladies more my age there.

Access is very easy at Papakura, darn awful at the local venue.

I like that the class is run at a patchwork shop! I can buy whatever I need straight away.

The ONLY thing I like about the local group is the fact that I know the ladies there... even though I only see them on a Tuesday usually.

I'm torn on this decision.

Diet... is going VERY BADLY... just bloody hopeless right now. Don't even know why. Am getting some exercise in though...

Home Front: all kids seem to be doing OK right now... got a couple I'm seriously worried about, but that's nothing new.

ABOVE : The Frangipani Project hanging in the 'Tutors and Students' Exhibition at our local Venue.
Decision is made... I am going to stop going to this group. ... I left there crabby as hell today. It's just so hard lugging everything up the stairs, then having to contend with the inadequate set up there. I'm over it.

ABOVE: I followed this truck today... the 'saying' across the top tickled me fancy! ("Consultants are people who come down from the hill to shoot the wounded after the battle is over") OBVIOUSLY someone does not like Consultants... lol.
NOW... I'm off to school to either dope Brylee up with Panadol or bring her home. She has a cold.... and is a hypochondriac to boot.... grrrrrr.
I have decided today is a crap day. I had egg/cheese sandwiches for lunch and they are just sitting in me belly wanting to come back up again. NOT a nice feeling. And I'm crabby as hell... I think I already said that... but I'm crabbier now! Just... BLAH.
(Stew it IS SAFE to come home from work... HONEST!)
End of Day: a quiet evening, no sewing tonight, decided to sit with Stew and watch the telly. nite nite.


  1. That was a pretty big first attempt quilt.....I was thinking of trying something like placemats to see if I could handle the jandle. I have no clue when it comes to sewing and I think I am far to impaitent to even try it.

  2. I love hearing about your days. Maybe you should hold off on the roman blinds until he understands how much work goes into making them?

  3. my goodness you do do it all, dont you? quilts, furnature, blinds...

    you go girl!

  4. I remember your first effort at quilting:-) I'm trying my hand at an art class this Friday.

    I think being a mum there's usually a kid or two you worry about, and you have a few more kids than most of us!

  5. "Persistance not perfection is the key to sucess" is my mantra with my diet.....I just somehow keep persisting but don't always suceed!!!

    Have a great day

  6. I am not surprised you decided to quit the class you went to today. When you listed the good things about the other one & the good things about this one the list was a bit one sided (maybe you could get some of the ladies to defect to the new one :-).

    I hope everything settles down with the kids for you.

  7. WoW - the Frangipani project is much bigger than it looked in the pictures you had previously posted. I LOVE it.....OMG I commented twice in one day!!!

  8. You've got a golden touch when it comes to your projects, I swear!

    I loved the comment about the consultants...isn't that the truth!

    I hope Brylee feels better, both of my youngest have colds too...snot nosed and cranky...

  9. I need to go on a diet soon. The doctor said I have high blood pressure and I can only food that tastes like crap.

  10. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I love that comment that is so true of consultants!!! LMAO!

  11. Thanks Chris!! That quilt is an awesome first project.

    So glad you have decided to move classes - you seem much happier at the new one. I have nearly finished my first quilt. Nothing like yours mind! Any tips on binding?? hint hint

  12. Stew, she won't bite... hard... :-)

    nothing worse than feeling crap and not knowing why. I wonder if the food we eat affects our moods? maybe more chocolate is the go instead of egg and cheese... certainly worth a try! lol!

    Hope you pick up soon hon! xx

  13. Sounds like a tough day. You should feel proud about your quilting project though - it is quite lovely on display!

    Make sure Stew gives you a big hug to help cheer you up!

  14. Sounds like you are stressed. Hope things smooth themselves out for you. Love the quilt, sorry about the curtains. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  15. ♥ that consultant saying...too funny! I am having some crabby moments as well....but how come yours seem funnier to read than mine do going through them....I so wish you were closer....

  16. How awesome to have your quilt shown like that! I stll love the first one, it's so BOY!


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