Monday, September 14, 2009


Last night I was reading blogs (as I do)... and I came across a question on this blog and decided to answer it. The question is how or where did you begin your quilting journey?
Well come on... it's different from the weight loss journey eh?
So... how did I start?

I made a quilt for Griffin last year, I got the block patterns off the 'net and just winged it ... and didn't think I would ever make another one!

Then in January this year I enrolled in an Abstract Painting Class at a local venue... but it was cancelled at the last minute, and the buggers wouldn't give me a refund of the class fee... so I had to go to another class. I chose the patchwork class.... cos it was on the same day.

Luckily for me... I loved doing it... and ended up with a fabric fetish. *sigh*
So, there ya go... my START.
And ABOVE: you could win these cute fat quarters... just go HERE... to enter!

Today it is Patchwork at Papakura... I'm finishing the 'SPLASH' wall hanging. No #2 Daughter is getting it for Xmas... she saw it on the weekend and loved it.

ABOVE: the view out my window this morning.... fog. Ikkky, I hate fog, it reminds me of the Waikato....cold and damp. Luckily we only get fog here a handful of times a year!

Kids off to school in a mo... love Mondays I do! AND I will be driving them today... it's too nasty out there to walk.

Patchwork was nice today, I learnt how to do the bindings PROPERLY...

I'm picking the kids up after school and we are going to do the grocery shopping ...

OMG... just been grocery shopping.. and it's SO HOT out there! It's ONLY September for goodness sake... it's 26 degrees C in my house! ...that's 80 degrees F for you buggers in the Northern Hemisphere! I'm going to roast over Summer if this is Spring.

End of Day: I've been sewing, trying different things out all night... so much fun. I will show those of you who havn't seen it before FIRST EVER quilt tomorrow! For now.. it's nite nite.


  1. I'm not quilting yet, but i have dusted off my sewing machine and put it in the new "utility" room. I have torn apart one of those second hand cornices and purchased a lovely black floral to recover it with. I'd like to make some drapes, hem a very gauzy blouse, and maybe make some skirts....

  2. Hi Chris

    I feel rather guilty for Briley and Griffin that I have put you off school camps--trust me this one was out of the realm of normal experiences!

    I can't believe you've only been quilting for such a short time--your quilts are amazing, you're so talented. I on the other hand learned to quilt when I was off to hospital when I was 12. I used to live in the US and our neighbour was a champion quilter. I do most of it by hand and that's why I haven't touched any of my unfinished projects since I've been a full-time teacher. But you've inspired me, this school holidays I'm off to visit a girlfriend and beginwork on a quilt-as-you-go project on the sewing machine. I taught this lady to hand piece and quilt when our children were babies and she ran with it, learned to machine quilt and now she's going to teach me!

    PS Guess what I just bought--a cast iron wok!

  3. Can you explain what a fat quarter is?!?

    LOL - lovely morning here in the sunny Manawatu!

  4. I'm really surprised to read that you are that new to quilting. It gives me hope that maybe I could learn. I will put it on the list for when I quit working.

  5. Is it just me but I have to say that Lacey looked extremely happy and relaxed in your weekend photos.

    I don't know about Auckland but the sun sure is shining down here right now.

  6. I'm glad that class was cancelled. Your quilts are absolutely beautiful! Also glad you didn't throw the sewing machine out the window when it was giving you problems.

    Have a great day!!

  7. its 6.59 and still 22 degrees here!!!

    Heres to a long hot summer!!

    Your quilting is amazing, talented tart that you are!!!

  8. And how DO you do bindings properly? Hmmm? Share, please!

    Have we seen the original quilt you made for Griffin? You are one talented chick.

  9. Na, you won't roast over summer - don't forget about that heat pump... it makes for a really cool house in the summer you know!!

  10. what ever the reason you started and continued it is awesome cause you have mad skills woman!

  11. You don't like fog? I think it makes everything look like the set of some science-fiction/fantasy movie!

  12. I'm so glad you enjoy your quilting and sewing. I'm so happy I've found my crocheting group up at a new shop on the square. The quilts you have put pictures of have been gorgeous, I don't know if I'd have the patience for a quilt. You do beautiful work Chris, keep it up and I hope your weather cools off a bit!

  13. It's 110 degrees at our house every day! Yikes! I can't wait till it cools down to the 80's. I'll be in heaven. :D

  14. If I have said it once I have said it a million times...YOU ARE AMAZING! Also glad you interprut for me....I hate the heat.....we have had some really nasty 117 degree days and it is six months of bad mood for me......stay cool my friend!


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