Thursday, September 24, 2009


ABOVE: one of my best'est mates.... Sandra. She was my Weight Watcher's Leader back in Palmerston North....
I was feeling lonely yesterday afternoon so gave her a ring...... and she is gunna be my 'Personal Weight Loss Leader' ... over the phone!
She knows how I have struggled to find a WW Meeting here that I like... so she's going to help me continue the battle from afar. How lucky am I then? PRIVILEGED I AM.

I lost 61 kilos going to her meetings... she ROCKS.... and is IMPOSSIBLE to replace. I am trying to get her to move to Auckland.... *sigh*

Now... today it's just a normal, boring day here in the 'H' household.... kids to school, man to work, me to...?

It's crap weather here too... wet wet wet.... maybe I will wash the floors....or NOT. lol

ONWARD.... and NO Blondie... nothing is coming your way in the mail! ha ha... you really had me going with your comment yesterday!

My 'Esteemed Leader'... (that's the Tart Above!) did ring me already this morning... to check on how I was doing! What a woman... she's 'ON MY CASE'! Love it.
I'm off to morning tea with my Aunty now.....

HA! 'Morning Tea' was me having a sip of me Diet Coke then helping me Aunty move all the toys out of a cupboard and into a wardrobe! Oh, and a yak I suppose.
After that.. I headed off to the supermarket where I wanted to get more Diet Coke and a salad for dinner...:

OOOPS! I got quite a bit more (as ya do)... and I found some sausages Sandra was telling me about (Helliers 95% Fat Free)... will try them out tonight.

ABOVE: I also found these rice crackers.... 98% Fat Free... and very nice they are too.
*sigh*..... havn't had breakfast OR lunch yet... and it's 1.26 pm.... better do something about that.

End of Day: been a good girl, ate all me points... drank . . . . Diet Coke (sorry everyone). . . . and now looking forward to a quiet evening watching the telly... OOOOO Coronation Street tonight! Yipeee. nite nite.


  1. That's great news about your 'personal leader'. I know you can do it - it would just be so nice if it wasn't such a struggle at times aye?
    Have a great day.
    Kel xxx

  2. Sandra is the best! I know you will be able to do this through her.

  3. Lucky you to have that kind of support....she must think a lot of you also. Crap weather here also...from 80's on Sunday to not above 50 since and GLOOMY. Hope it gets better boon, both there and here.

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    You can doooo eeeeeeet! You inspire me!

  5. So glad you have the support of a good friend, as well as someone who has walked the walk, too! Best of day at a time.

    I know it's not New Zealand that has the sand storms, but are you getting any aftermath? Hope not.

    I think Missouri is the only place that really isn't having crappy weather right now. I count my blessings. We had a mild summer. It's usually so hot & humid the weatherman says "you wear the air."
    We only had a week or two of really crappy weather. It's starting to cool a bit here and the leaves are beginning to change. I'm going to have to put up my fall pic on bizzyliz!

    One kilo at a time...

  6. You are so lucky to have someone like Sandra in your life. I'm sure she will lead you where you want to go. Enjoy the ride.

  7. Glad you managed to have ur lunch and enjoy those sausages they YUMMY
    Dont forget ur water now ok Just humor me ok i no u calling me names right now lol

  8. wowww your own "personal" leader, thats great, what a great support and a wonderful friend

  9. 95% fat free sausages? What's the brand and can we get them in Australia??? Curious to see what you thought of them.

    A good WW leader can make the world of difference, have to admit i've never had a motivation level like I do now and I put that down the to the husband/wife team of weigher/leader at my meetings.

  10. Your own personal leader - how posh! I love your "Sweetpea" quilting piece. It is lovely.

  11. That's great to have someone that you LIKE to be accountable to :)

  12. It's wonderful that Sandra will be such a good support for you! I can hardly ever get myself to exercise, unless I have a buddy... there's just something about working out with someone else. I figure the same goes for any battle. Keep up the good work!


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