Monday, September 28, 2009


ABOVE: The primary reason we went to Whitianga yesterday... to get this freezer. Now I can buy enough bread and milk/meat and veges to last a fortnight, instead of having to go to the shop every few days. YAAA HOOOO! And it fits in this corner of the garage great too.

ABOVE: I also picked up the little dresser that was my Mum's for over 40 years... my paternal Grandfather made it for her... and now it's mine. It's very heavy! But so cute.
ABOVE: inside on of the dresser's drawers was this darling Silver Fern broach, covered in diamante's! MINE... finders keepers and all that! LOL, it was probably my Mum's or Grandmother's....

ABOVE: I scored these lovely dishes too... totally ME... just had to slip them in the car....

ABOVE: THE coffee table. My Dad visited America/Hong Kong about 25 years ago and got this amazing table then... had it shipped back.. it took ages too. Anyway, Mum gave it to me and I have finally got it in my home. It has 6 little tables tucked under it.
ABOVE: Some of the detailing on the top. It really is an awesome table.

We also got all my Dad's fishing rods... I'm going to sell the really big Game Fishing ones.... can't see them being used off the side of the Maraetai Pier! LOL

Today... well I'm hoping for a nice quiet day...

Will have to take Griffin to the Doctor... he's really sick .... dreadful cold.... sore throat, very bad DRY cough, vomitting.... YEP QUITE MISERABLE.

ONWARD... well... Griffin's feeling a bit better this morning! Typical... I have made a Doctor's appointment anyway... can't get in till tomorrow. Pfffft.

AND Teddy is seeing the Doctor today.... I'm changing Vet's. The one we've been going to has dreadful access/parking issues AND they keep prescribing only 2 weeks worth of pills for him, making it necessary to go there all the time and pay over and over again for the same pills. Rip off artists me thinks. So, lets try another one eh?

It's absolutely pissing down with rain today.... lucky for us it wasn't like this yesterday!

I've got lots to do around the house to keep me busy....

We went out to do a small grocery shop... and while in Sylvia Park Mall I decided to get my Camera Card copied to disc... in Palmerston North I used to get it done at the Fuji Shop for $6.75. Here? That bugger charged me $40! I paid, left and vowed to never go there again. Why do people do that???? Are they so hard up they have to rip you off at every opportunity? I'm so disappointed. And I have to find somewhere handy that is not going to charge me that much!

Almost time to take Teddy to the Vet's... I liked that vet! AND he gave Teddy an injection right there and then to stop his current scratching problem... AND he's going to give me a long lasting prescription....AND the parking/access is FANTASTIC there... YAAA all round.

STEVE: oooops, Sorry son! I was TIRED... I FORGOT... I am a bad mother! A little bit of Totara Cafe' MIGHT have helped with the 'forgetting department' too! hee hee.

End Of Day: it's been a good day....shock/horror! nite nite


  1. I hope Griffin is OK - does not sound good, hope it's not the swine flu!

  2. Hope Griffin is better soon. Not a good start to the holidays.
    Our Vet gives Tarsha enough for 6mths at a time!!!!! Mind you he has been seeing her for 14yrs LOL
    Hope your change of Vet works out.
    Hears to a good day.......raining & cold down here :(

  3. I love all your treasures ! That little coffee table is to die for and the plates - I love Blue! That little dresser is so beautiful and to be hand made - that makes it so special! You will get good use out of the freezer - I think your trip was well worth while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also you mentioned a chair you wanted to recover and morning tea???? I be right there - soon as I Swim across the creek that separates us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. $ 40!!!! That's ridiuculous.

    Can't you get it done on one of the self service machines at the warehouse??

  5. OK, call me stupid but why can't you do your own disk from your photos? Very simple to do.

    That is crazy charging you $40.. where was that?

  6. Steve, the sad son3:46 PM

    Nice scores mum, gotta love that table :) Isnt it always lovely when your sitting at home, waiting with much anticipation to hear your mothers voice at the pre-arranged family phone call time of 9pm Sunday night, and yet all your waiting and anticipation was for nothing, there was much disappointment in Steve's eyes last night, he almost cried himself to sleep hahaha

  7. The coffe table reminds me of one Mum had when we were little, sold it to come to NZ.

    Poor G, hope he gets better..

    Why dont you copy your card to cd on your computer its very easy peasy....I have mine on the computer, a cd and a flashdrive so I never lose them.

    Poor Teddy, hope the new vet works out,

    PS Its hosing down here, the start of a cricket season always brings the rain.

  8. Hope Griffin is ok and starting to feel better soon. Awesome table you got and I love the brooch too! I recently scored an extra freezer and it makes a huge difference when shopping!
    Glad the new vet worked out too!

  9. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Hope your Griffin is feeling better! I hate having anyone in the family down.

    I love the table and brooch and well you just did fabulously all around.

    Glad you found a vet you like and hopefully can trust!

  10. WOW - I can't believe you've survived so long without a freezer - I have freezers all over my house and they always seem to be overflowing!

    Glad to hear Griffin is feeling better, and that you've found a good vet!

  11. Love all your new treasures. Sorry to hear Griffin was sick, glad to hear he is on the mend. Poor Teddy looks so pathetic when he's wet, the new vet sounds more professional. It's been raining here too, and will continue for the better part of the week. Love the scenery, looks quite tropical as compared to where I live. Wishing you well, take care.

  12. I've been thinking about getting one of those chest type freezers.
    Glad the new vet is better. My dog hates our vet. (ever since he got hit by a car and needed an operation)
    My Mom is sending down a shipment of my stuff from her storage. Included is an antique table. Can't wait to get it!

  13. What a lot of VERY cool stuff!

    Love the broach (sp?) !! :)

  14. Love the finders keepers lol

  15. The tables are amazing.....but I love LOVE love the dresser of your Mom' special is that and the brooch was an added bonus for wonderful!


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