Sunday, September 06, 2009


I am 'forward posting' this! OK .. I'm TRYING TO !

Cos.... I am friggin well asleep! Wouldn't YOU be if it was the first time in YEARS you had the chance to sleep in... just the two of you ... together... with no kids.....
So.... bugger off.... I'm asleep!

WHEN we wake up we are going to Maraetai for Brunch... NEAT!
9am... the phone goes... some GIT at Stew's work set off the alarm...*sigh*.... YES we are now awake. It's a gorgeous day out there... and it's Father's Day too!
I suppose we will get ourselves moving shortly and go out for brunch...

Brunch was lovely... the setting was devine... a blissful, sunny interlude by the sea.
ABOVE: Saw this gorgeous car at the beach.... love the graphics! *drool*
When we moved here a year ago (!), I planted two grape vines... and I was sure they had died... in fact I was about to pull them out...
ABOVE: see, looking QUITE dead...
BUT: they are alive... and budding! SPRING has sprung.... and there is the promise of grapes one day. I LOVE GRAPES.... and watermelon.
End of Day: well the kids came back.... Amanda and Andrew and all the kids arrived back here for dinner.... it was nice. All gone now, kids in bed... can relax and look forward to tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. Well I aint I is wide awake AND how come you are home early from the PARTY!!!! and if you are WHY are you on the computer!!!!! lol

  2. Alone time and sleeping in. Hooray! Have fun.

  3. A kid free day. Fabulous.

    Have to laugh at the GIT who set off the alarm, though. There's always something, isn't there?!

  4. Oh, nothing better than some time to yourself. Hope you and Stew had a nice time together, it was probably just what you needed! :-)

  5. Hope Stew has had a good fathers day!

  6. Good for you Chris. YOu and Stew deserve a weekend relaxing and having a good time. Shame about the alarm... YOu just can't trust that something won't happen when you want a lie in huh. I'm sure you made the most of your time alone. Grapes look okay. You'll be making wine next. Take care K

  7. the two of you alone? with no kids in the house? haha here sleeping may have come AFTER some other stuff /wink wink.

    I know how it is when the phone goes off, you are up, no chance in hell of going back to sleep. Glad your day turned out great though!


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