Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Off to Patchwork today.... and it's the last time I'm going to this class. The Tutor is away today too...so I am saved from having to tell her I won't be back. I'm chicken like that. Then after class I'm going over to the sewing machine shop to show them what the machine is doing... I'm STILL not happy with it... wonder how long this will drag on for?

That's about 'it' for now... no photos for the day either! Maybe I'll have something later on? LOL
Till then... have a nice day....

I feel bad... I went, and sewed, and left. I didn't say I wasn't coming back. Coincidentally... we were handed Forms to fill in about how we felt about the course.... I didn't fill it in either! I didn't want to put down on paper how I felt about the class/venue. CHICKEN... squark.. squark!

After class I spent 2.5 hours at the sewing machine shop.. the lady there spent all that time tinkering with the machine, adjusting this and that.. and I've brought it home AGAIN to see if it's any better. *sigh* When will I learn to just OPEN MY MOUTH and say I WANT A NEW MACHINE??? OH hold on.. I already have! PPPFffffft. So back to the drawing board.

ABOVE: my new favourite food! Soooo tasty..... and I think good for you too! Made with bean flour, Wheat flour and spices etc.... eat with salad, hummus, Tabouli.... love it!
End of Day: well it's been quite stressful... class then the sewing machine shop.... got a friggin headache now. NICE. nite nite.


  1. Isn't this the class your aunt goes to? Sounds like you are a lot happier with the Monday class anyway.

  2. LOL that's ok, she was probably chicken to hear that you wouldn't be back, so it works out. :P

  3. I hate confrontation too - chickens unite :-)

    Get Stew to go & ask for a replacement machine.

  4. I have been eating Falafel for decades I blardy love the stuff for dips in pita bread JUST LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. Hi Chris - try the Falafel mix in toasted pita bread with salad and maybe a dash of yoghurt. It's a favourite of mine as well.

  6. Mmmmm ...that falafel looks YUMMY! I wonder if it's available here?

  7. My car has been in the shop for a month, I took it in for a $25 annual inspection. I'm being screwed.
    Sounds like your sewing machine.

  8. I'm not a confronter either, broke up with my dietitian without telling her, although I was hinted we needed to break it off.

    Hope you get a new machine. My phone broke last week and had to get DH to get all pushy with them to give me a replacement.

    MMMM falafel, had the best ones in Egypt.

  9. ive never tried one of those.. always wanted to tho...

  10. Guess they'll know you aren't coming back when you don't show ;O)

  11. falafels are one of my husband's favorite dishes. Put a few of the balls into a warm pita with a yogart/dill sauce and diced tomatoes and YUMMY!!


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