Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Weird Title eh? LOL

(p.s. that ain't my rubbish pile, it's just some random pic I got off the net!)

So, today I am going to go through the storage room/attic etc and find all the stuff we simply don't use/need and get it ready for the inorganic rubbish collection this coming week.... sounds like fun eh?

Well... I'm sure it won't be, but it will keep me busy if nothing else!

Apart from that, just the usual shit... different day! Hopefully I will get some sewing done... and some friggin housework.... and I'm going to let the kids walk to school on their own again... and NOT follow them in the car! (I hope).

So far today:
- done the housework
- read some blogs
- found some junk for the collection
- sprayed stuff on Teddy cos he's scratching himself again...
And now I'm just watching him go NUTS! He hates the sends him into a frenzy! Maybe it stings? Getting him more steroid tablets today... he needs them.
- thinking about lunch, got dinner all ready for the oven... thinking about food... *sigh*...
- and the kids walked on their own and I didn't follow them!
End of Day: Stew was home late tonight.. a work colleague from Palmerston North and her husband were up here on business when he got VERY ILL and was taken to hospital... so Stew visited them at the hospital before coming home. Scary stuff...
What else? I cooked a lovely beef stew and veges for dinner... yum it was. nite nite.


  1. My Mother is sending junk from her storage down here to me. I'll be sorting through my junk as well too!

  2. Your a good mom making sure they are safe first is a great idea. You never know what kids will do.

    where is that pile?

  3. I actually love going through attics and storage areas. Bet you find some wonderful things there.


  4. Your pic looks like my kitchen!

    Good for you giving it a try. It's a good feeling to get rid of crap that you don't need - hard sometimes - but good!

  5. wish we had something like that here... some times the same old shit another day is a good thing !

  6. How did the kids get on with their walk to school. LOL - did you follow them??

  7. Your pile looks like the one in my garage right now...I wish someone would come and haul it all away...

  8. Katrina1:33 PM

    Good work for having them walk on their own Chris.
    ACT, Australia

  9. Nothing like a declutter. I wish I could sew, unfortunately had the sewing teacher from hell in High School. Give that gorgeous Teddy a cuddle for me ! Martine

  10. Did you just throw everything out on the street like that?? Doesn't sound like you.

  11. Anonymous7:21 PM

    hi Chris I have been off line for a few months great to be able to cvheck up the blogs again

  12. Anonymous7:53 PM

    just a thought for your wee dog (I'm sure you have probably already been told/tried) but have you thought of feeding him on raw food only? I just say that because we had a terrier who had terrible skin irritations, we started raw feeding him, totally off the processed stuff and it cleard up...just a thought :)

  13. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I think I need to hire you to clean my house Chris!!!! You are a bloody ledgend you know that dont you :0)

    Well done on letting the kids walk to school without you.

  14. Congrats on cleaning out some junk. That always makes me feel like I really accomplished something.

    Poor Teddy - I am lucky that my kitties are only accident prone, not chronic! I hope his itch goes away soon with the pills.

    Good job letting the kiddos walk by themselves!

  15. We have a weekly recycling pickup. It is amazing how much crap one gets in a week.

    Glad to hear the kids are doing well on their own.

    Have a great day.


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