Wednesday, September 30, 2009


NO.. not from me! Mine is coming up SOON... but until then:

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BRLYEE: Yesterday Mum and I visited an Orthodontist because:
ABOVE: I have fangs! I don't like having fangs. I get teased at school cos I have fangs. It sucks to have fangs. But I am so lucky, cos the Orthodontist is going to give me a lovely wee plate to start the process off.... I know I will need to have the full works (braces) in a few years... but for now... $600 for a plate. It will be worth it. AND I can have a plate that is pink ... with glitter in it! How cool is that? I have to wait two weeks for my plate. That's OK though.... it gives Mum time to come up with the MONEY! LOL

Today we are probably staying home.... I'm sure I can find something to do.... hopefully Mum will give me back my Barbies!

First off: Griffin slept in until 8.50 am! Unheard of ! The pills worked!

Second: a small tsunami is expected to hit New Zealand in an hour or so... will update later if there is anything to tell, rest assured WE are safe! We live a reasonable distance from the sea, and we are up high.

The ETA of the expected Tsunami has been and gone with nothing happening here in New Zealand, there was loss of life in American Samoa though, very sad.

I forgot to mention: My 'Esteemed Weight Watcher Leader' Sandra is coming up to visit today! I'm expecting her at dinner time... and she's staying for a few days! How awesome is that then? LOL... I better make sure I have lots of good, healthy food in the house!

End of Day: Sandra got here safely.... I picked her up on Great south road at 7pm... took her home and fed her chicken! LOL

Going to watch some mindless tv and yak now. nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris,

    I absolutely loved your comment on my blog about the chickens!!!!!!!!!! I am going to name one "CHOOKY " in honor of you - so I can remember the word! If I don't use it every day I would forget it, but by calling one of my beloved feathered friends Chooky - I will remember my friend across the great waters!

    Your "baby" is quiet beautiful! I know you must love her to pieces. I am so sorry the other kids torment her! I have always thought kids could be so cruel. I remember wishing when I was little that any time they tormented someone else that I could "WISH" the same thing on them!

    I am pleased she is excited about getting her "pink with glitters" for her mouth! By the time she graduates from school she is going to be a real "looker" like her Mom - you better start picking out a good heavy Broom to sweep all those young fellows away with!!!!!!!!

  2. My brother had those fangs, too. Now? Beautiful teeth. You are so pretty, Brylie, but having your teeth fixed will make you feel better. You're lucky to have such a wonderful Mama.

  3. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I just heard about the earthquake and tsunami warning for New Zealand. I am praying for you, your family and friends!!!

  4. I'm watching the news right now and see a tsunami heading for New far it looks quite small-but just wanted to check on you hon!

  5. Wow :) Brylee you are so lucky to be able to start this process now. What a neat plate you will have. These plates do work really well even in adults. My daughter in Australia had one a couple of years ago to bring a tooth into line, she still wears it occassionally to keep her teeth A1. - she is a model so you are in good company :)
    Have a great day as a family and tell Mum she is a super mum :)

  6. The ortodontist performed a miracle on our daughter's teeth and Brylee's look nowhere as bad. Tell her that her teeth will be beautiful! (She's as cute as ever)

  7. good news on the plate. that will do wonders for the self esteem! and lets face it,that's the crux of a kids existence, so fingers crossed it helps!

    I hope your braces turn out cheaper than ours!

  8. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Just popping in to check on you. Glad y'all are safe!

  9. Those young mouths have a way of coming around quickly. She will be beautiful. Stay safe.

  10. My middle son had teeth exactly like Brylee's and after a lot of work (and money!) his teeth are lovely. From memory we started when he was about the same age as she is.

    I knew nothing about an earthquake or tsunami. That'll teach me to read your blog before anything else even the newspaper!!!!!

    Enjoy your quiet day at home and I hope Brylee gets her Barbie's back :)

    Oh ... and aren't drugs wonderful? Hopefully he's feeling a bit better today. There have been some horrid bugs around this winter/spring

  11. I heard about the warning about an hour ago, but just got the chance to get on the computer. Hope you aren't too close to water and/or are high up. Meanwhile, my 16 year old just got his braces off about 6 month ago and my 13 year old is still wearing them. It's worth it! My son's teeth look gorgeous. Take care. Bobbie

  12. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Wow, $600 for the plate! That is a bargain.

    My 7 yr old daughter got her plate yesterday (with gold glitter)..........a whopping $3450!!!!......does include all visits for 18ths and the retainer after.

    Good luck Brylie. You and my daughter can have great teeth together!

  13. My son got his plate for ONE tooth out of line (12 months ago) $650 4 months in and every 2 weeks a screw was tightened to put pressure on wayward tooth and too widen over teeth VERY WOTH IT and well worth the money WAS a stop gap to maybe full BRACES CONSEQUENTLY he doesn't now need full braces and the spent $650 I ever spent ever!!!!

  14. i am lurking :) such a pretty girl and i have ONE fang LOL

  15. I can relate to the dental and orthodontic work. I'm sure the plate will work wonders. My daughter had to have 2 teeth out today and 2 more next week in preparation for her braces in November. Not nice, but will be well worth it.

    The Tsunami was dreadful. Glad it didn't affect NZ.

  16. She's a vampire! Better get an agent. There's so many vampire shows on TV in the states, Brlyee shouldn't have any problems getting an acting job.

  17. Glad to hear you are safe and sound. My kids had orthodontics and it cost and absolute fortune, but it was well worth it to see them smile. Have a great visit with your friend.

  18. I need to get my oldest braces too. She's already 15 so I better hurry up.


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