Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm hoping that today is a better day than yesterday.
I let my emotions get the better of me yesterday.

Sometimes it really is just impossible to feel happy, no matter what you do. I was there yesterday.

When I was at Amanda's last weekend I saw, (and took), a photo of my deceased younger brother that I hadn't seen before. I am getting a copy for myself. Anyway... everytime I looked at it I cried. So silly really, Vern's been gone for 10 years now! But I loved him so much, and miss him dreadfully sometimes. Add to that how I was feeling overall and I was just having a miserable day. ( I had two brothers, Peter was 2 years older than me, he died in a car accident when he was 27. Vern was 3 years younger than me, he died in a car accident in Indonesia when he was 36)

I was on the verge of deleting my blog too... sometimes I just get like that .... but I think not having this blog would totally do me in! I rely on it so much... it helps me not feel so alone during the day. Sometimes I feel bad cos I have bugger all to put on it, so when I'm boring... I'm sorry!

ANYWAY, I'm going to make sure today is a better day!

I will make Stew take me and the kids out somewhere.... darling Teddy can come too! That photo (above) was him in the shower recently... he sure looks ugly all wet! Poor boy!


Lunch out.... was nice. We also did a tiki tour around Ponsonby.... lots of lovely houses! But old.. and so many in need to some TLC.

Home again and I had a snooze on the couch! It was really wet this morning, but warm this afternoon! Not much else to blather on about right now.... might go do some sewing!

End of Day: Well... I was looking on an Australian Auction site... at material... and saw another piece of Batik that I loved... and sent an email off to a girlfriend (Maggie) asking her if she could get it for me.. then I thought maybe she would not get the email in time... there was only about 15 minutes left to go... So I tried to join that site... it took me 20 minutes! And I missed out on getting the material... booo hoooo! BUT... seconds later I got an email from Maggie, and you guessed it, that gorgeous girl had managed to buy it for me! It made my day. And with that... it's nite nite from me.


  1. YAY! Where are you going? I wish I could come. :P

  2. Hope the sun is shinging up your way today for a day out. :)
    Hey we all feel like that at times, well I do, so you are not alone and certainly no need to apologise.
    Teddy looks like a drowned rat (sorry Teddy!!) just like Tarsha does when having a bath :)
    Have a great day out, thinking of you :)

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Oh man do I know the blog blues! And the blues too. Please don't delete it! Although it make me a hypocrite because I often feel like offing mine. I highly enjoy my visits here, currently sipping a cup of hot cocoa. How did your brother die?

    My big sis is my absolute very best friend in the whole world and I can't imagine my life without her. She's there for the good and the bad. I'm so sorry to you.

    Much love and good thoughts headed your way!!

  4. Chin up chook, I love the holidays and being home with my son NO rushing in the morning and today we are in our PJ's still just blobbing!!! Wet and miserable down our way too.

  5. Chris, so sorry to hear you're feeling down. I hope stew takes you and the kids somewhere nice to cheer you up today!! It's always hard living with loss, but try and focus on all the happy times you had with Vern, not the fact that he's gone. I find that helps me.

    Anyway, have a lovely weekend and I hope the weather clears for both of us!! ;) oh - and I love the side table too, you are a lucky MIL!! K :)

  6. Oh poor mate. I do hope you have a better day today.

    I just caught up with some of your other post - your old WW sounds cool! So glad she'll be there to help even if she's far away.

    *hugs* Hope your weekend is nice!

    Chantel x

  7. Sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. ((hugs)) Here's hoping today is much better!

    I don't think it's silly to cry after looking at a picture of a family member who's passed. It's normal. I do it now and then. Sometimes it might be a picture of my grandfather, and other times just a memory that triggers it. I miss him a whole lot too.

    One time I heard a song that reminded me of driving around town with my dad (when I was younger). Yep, it made me cry. Just missing someone who lives far away can do it.

    Don't worry about not having things to write about. Dang, you write more than I do most of the time! LOL!

  8. I don't think it is all silly to still feel the loss of your brother after 10 years. My best friend died over 5 years ago and my parents died over 40 years ago and I can still feel emotional about all of them. I do think it is worse when I am in an overall down mood. I hope today is indeed a better day for you.

  9. HAHA Poor Teddy looks like a drowned rat!
    Have fun with the family today... btw, check your email x

  10. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Love the photo of teddy! Hope you feel better

  11. . thinking of you today and sending "happy" vibes your way over the sea.. (instead of dust LOL)

  12. Grief never goes away. We just deal with it differently.

    Be gentle with yourself and if things don't pick up maybe have that chat with the doctor.

    Have a great weekend.

    We are gripped with finals fever. Go Saints!

    And I really don't like/give a hoot about football!!

  13. My brother was 33 when he died and he would be 51 now. I still miss him too. I cannot imagine losing 2 brothers that is awful.
    If you deleted your blog I would have to travel all the way to your place to smack you upside the head!
    Whatcha talkin bout ya twit!!!
    NEVAR ya hear!
    So now that I bawled ya out I'll send you a big hug.

  14. Chris

    I hope you got taken somewhere really lovely and are feeling much better.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the hand that fate has dealt you, losing 2 brothers. At one level you never really stop mourning for loved ones, some days are worse than others. Reading about your losses makes me think about my brother, who is alive and well, but hasn't spoken to me for five years ... somethings you just have to let go.

    Chris, please don't delete your blog!! While I don't always have time to comment and post myself, but I read your blog everyday and feel like I really know you. If you went--I would miss you!! Even when you say you don't have anything to write about, I enjoy checking in with you and love your no nonsense approach to life. AND you've inspired me to quilt again. I made a start on a project that has been in the bottom of my sewing basket for many years. Can't wait to put some pictures up to show you!

    Poor Teddy--he looks like Charlie did when we got caught in the thunderstorm.

    Have a happy day--thinking of you

  15. I am right there with LellyJ! I can't always comment or post, but I do look forward to hearing about your day...even when it sucks. Just know there are many of us out here who really love you. {{hugs}}

  16. Poor little Teddy! He certainly doesn't look too thrilled about being all wet!

    So glad taht you didn't delete your blog. What would we do without you?

  17. Keep you chin up, girl! I would miss you terribly if you ever deleted your blog! I love having my day brightened up by you.

  18. LOL at the picture of a wet Teddy - he looks very ticked off. I don't blame him,:))

    Sorry you had such a horrible day - I know that feeling sometimes and it isn't fun, but tomorrow is a new day!
    Hope you have a great week Chris.


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